Monthly Archive: April 2018

Field Trip Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our Field Trip!   Thursday, April 18th, 2018.

Your child must bring a lunch from home in a plastic or paper bag.

We will be leaving right away in the morning when school starts.  Please be at school on time, 8:35 to ensure we are prepared to leave on time.

Spelling Words Week 10

Week 10: April 16th-April 20th
-ot word family

hot dot cot
pot tot rot
this help us

I’m sorry that I am late at sending the spelling words home, but we have been working on them in class since Monday as usual.  The students as a whole have been doing a really great job on spelling tests!

Science Night TOMORROW!

Hello everyone!

There is a PINK paper coming home today to remind you that

TOMORROW is Science Night!  Tuesday, April 17th after school from 4:30-6:00.

Please come to Science Night and get a chance to do some awesome science activities with your family and the Hands-on Museum!


Parent Volunteers Needed

Hello parents!

I would love to do a fun spring project, but I need your help! I would like to have the students make wind socks for spring.  I would need 1 or 2 parents to come in on the same day to make this project with small groups of students.

If you can help please email me at or let me know at school.

Thank you!

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