NWEA Testing – Reading

Good Evening Salina Students and Families!

We will begin the Fall NWEA Reading Assessment this week. We will be conducting the test virtually within our live sessions. See below for some information and tips about NWEA.

Remember, get some good sleep and eat breakfast! This way, you will be ready to tackle the test! Remember also to ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!



Tuesday September 8th!

Don’t forget, this is a B Week. Normally, the week would begin on a B day, but we were off on Monday. This means, Tuesday is an “A” Day.

You will begin your day at 8:15 sharp (go to bed early kiddos)! You will have a meeting with 1st, 2nd, 3rd hour in the AM. Lunch is at 11:35-12:10.

Then, you will have asynchronous time for 4th/5th, 6th and 7th hours in the PM. This starts at 12:15 with your 4th or 5th hour class. Teachers will be posting something for you to do for those hours (independently).

So excited to see your smiling faces this week on Zoom! Don’t stress, we got you! Ask questions and try to stay calm. We will get to that place of comfort together!

<3 Mrs. Centi

What to Expect

Good Afternoon Wildcats! It has been so nice to see your smiling faces! Below you will find a few tips to get you set up for success next week. Hang in there! It is a lot of NEW, but “WE GOT THIS.” 🙂

*IMPORTANT: You must be signed in with your Dearborn Public Schools login when accessing Zoom and Schoology.

*We will NO LONGER be using Google Classroom. Schoology is our new learning platform. Don’t worry…we are all going to learn how to navigate in Schoology together! There is a zoom link in Schoology (the same one I will email to you). We will meet live for the first time on Tuesday, September 8th! It is a B Week. Since we are off on Monday, September 7th, you start on the 8th which is an “A” Day. Tuesday (A), Wednesday (B), Thursday (A), Friday (B).

“A” Day Schedule for September 8th will look like this for 7th and 8th graders…

1st Hour: 8:15-9:30 (zoom)

2nd Hour: 9:35-10:30 (zoom)

3rd Hour: 10:35-11:35 (zoom)

Lunch Break: 11:35-12:10

Learning Labs:

4th/5th: 12:15-1:10

6th: 1:15-2:10

7th: 2:15-3:10

*I will be emailing my students the Zoom link for their class period by the end of the week. You will use that same Zoom link all year for my class.

*After the first day, I will help you learn how to access the Zoom link through Schoology (if you haven’t already found it)! Check your schedules to see which hour you have me (Mrs. Centi) . 🙂