End of Year Pictures :)

 Ali with Mrs. Timpf

 Pictures from our heredity project with Mrs. Tront. So many resemblances!


 Spring Concert

                       Boat Trip!



 Spring Concert

    Last two Students of the Month, Congratulations Tasnim and Fatimah!


   End of Year Picnic


    My kiddos that I had for 2 years! 🙁


 Summer Birthdays!


 Love Mrs. Wei


  Popsicles for the Last Day!


 Making slime with 4th grade reading buddies!



 Last Day Blues 🙁



Love love love you all. Have an amazing summer!


Last weekly update!

Monday: Mathathon in the morning, Picnic/Summer Birthdays in the afternoon. Please send a snack/drink/towel with your child, and if they have summer birthday send the treats!

Tuesday-Wednesday: We will be emptying desks. Please make sure your child brings their backpack.

Friday: LAST DAY! Also Half Day, dismissal is 11:45am.


Picnic Monday

Dear Parents,

The weather won’t stop changing! Due to the heat wave/storms next week, our picnic will be on Monday, June 12th in the afternoon. We will also be celebrating the summer birthdays. Students can bring in a snack to eat, and a blanket to sit on.

Thank you



Last math test tomorrow

Last social studies and spelling test Friday

Send in pictures of Dads!

I’ll keep you posted about the Picnic date because the rainy day keeps changing!


Picnic Next Week

Dear Parents,

The 2nd grade will be celebrating our last incentive party, end of year celebration, and summer birthdays on Wednesday June 14th (if it rains Wednesday we will do it on Thursday the 15th). We will be having a picnic outside. Students can bring their own food, snacks, and blanket or towel to eat on (picnic style). The party will be in the afternoon. Please let me know if you want to send anything in for the celebration. We already have a parent bringing cupcakes. If your child has a summer birthday you can send in healthy snacks, juice, ice cream, or goody bags. I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by.

Thank you,

Ms. Charara


Spelling: LAST ONE!

Spelling words for the week of June 5th:

  1. reread
  2. preview
  3. unable
  4. unjust
  5. disagree
  6. preschool
  7. could
  8. young
  9. between
  10. listen
  11. sometimes
  12. throughout
  13. suddenly
  14. reason
  15. kept

Please practice these words with your child. Keep in mind the spelling test will have all of these words and the rest will have the same pattern. Spelling test will be on Friday!