Week 17







Scientific Investigations

Mon-Lab report & posterboard

Tue-Lab report & posterboard

Wed-Lab report & posterboard due today


Fri-Final Exam (no SI today)

Week 16


Mon-No school

Tue-Review for final

Wed-Review for final

Thu-Review for final

Fri-Final exam 7:35 in Lecture Hall

Scientific Investigations

Mon-No school

Tue-2 sample t-test

Wed-Finish statistical analysis of data

Thu-Writing final paper

Fri-Writing final paper

Week 15


Mon-fission & radioactive decay

Tue-Review for quiz

Wed-Nuclear reactions quiz

Thu-Review for final

Fri-No school

Scientific Investigations

Mon-water sample testing

Tue-bar and line graphs


Thu-Begin 2 sample t-test

Fri-No school

Week 14


Mon-Unit 10 review

Tue-Test Unit 10

Wed-Cedar Point trip. Work on Nuclear jigsaw

Thu-Nuclear reactions

Fri-Nuclear reactions

Scientific Investigations

Mon-No class/Math presentations

Tue-Water sample testing

Wed-mean, median, mode, range & standard deviation

Thu-finish mean, median, mode, range & standard deviation

Fri-Water sample testing

Week 13


Mon-Faraday’s law, Induction & transformers

Tue-Transformer practice

Wed-Work day, practice transformer problems

Thu-Unit 10 test next Tuesday 5-16.

Fri-Go over summaries

Scientific Investigations


Tue-Proposal draft due today

Wed-Edit proposals

Thu-Edit proposals due today

Fri-Begin water testing

Week 12


Mon- Work on Magnetism Jigsaw

Tue-Work on Magnetism Jigsaw & Unit 10 Thinking Maps

Wed-Unit 10 notes, Thinking Maps & Jigsaws

Thu-Work day. work on summary, jigsaws & read updated notes

Fri-Electromagnetic Induction, motors & generators

Scientific Investigations

Mon- Stem ch 5 Proposal Writing

Tue-Water Quality presentations

Wed-Finish Water Quality presentations

Thu-Begin proposals


Week 11


Mon-Ohm’s Law & circuits practice.

Tue-Circuits lab

Wed-Wrap up unit 9

Thu-unit 9 review

Fri-Unit 9 test

Scientific Investigations

Mon-Finish & turn in final draft of 2 topics research paper

Tue-Water quality testing

Wed- Water quality testing

Thu-Water quality testing

Fri-Water quality testing

Week 10


Mon-Ohm’s Law & power equation problems (examples & practice)

Tue-Ohm’s Law & power equation problems (examples & practice)

Wed-Work on Jigsaws, electricity overview, electric current summary or Ohm’s Law & power exercises & practice pages

Thu-Ohm’s Law & parallel, series circuits

Fri-Ohm’s Law & parallel, series circuits

Cedar point trip Wed, May 17

Information & permission slips posted on iLearn page or available in class

Scientific Investigations

Mon-Finish & turn in 2 topics paper draft

Tue-Plagairism, citing sources

Wed-Technical writing powerpoint & notes

Thu-Work on 2 topics paper final draft, due Monday

Fri-Work on 2 topics paper final draft


Week 9


Mon-Electric current

Juniors: you’ve got testing all 3 days.  Pay attention to when you’re testing, when you have regular class, and when you’re off.  You will not see me at DCMST any of those 3 days.

Tue-no class/testing

Wed-no class/testing

Thu-no class/testing

Fri-No school

Scientific Investigations

Mon-Work on 2 topics research paper draft

Tue-no class/testing

Wed-no class/testing

Thu-Work on 2 topics research paper draft, due Monday

Fri-No school

Week 8


Mon-Coulomb’s Law practice

Tue-Review Unit 8

Wed-Test unit 8

Thu-Begin Unit 9 Electric current

Fri-Ohm’s Law

Spring Break begins

Scientific Interactions

Mon-Fake news syllabus presentations

Tue-Research design diagram practice

Wed-No class/Math final

Thu-2 topics research paper

Fri-2 topics research paper

Spring Break begins