Kindergarten Weekly News


Hello Kindergarten Families!  Happy 16h week of kindergarten! December has arrived and the  weather is much colder! Please be sure to send your child with a coat, hat, and gloves everyday and please label these items. 


Scholastic Book Fair is this week!

Late Start – Wednesday, December 18th. See you at 9:30am

December 23th – January 5th is Winter Break!

Please remember to put the items your child brings home in their reading and math bags back into the bags when you are done using them. The children are bringing home books and sight word cards to practice. Please help your child be responsible with these learning tools. These bags contain homework items for your child. Please work with these items for 20 minutes each day. ☺

Homework: Practice letters, books, and sight words in your child’s reading bags. Write first name and last name. Writing and drawing illustrations in a journal. Play games in math bag, count to 100, recognize and write numbers 1-20.

Letters:  We have introudced all the letters of the alphabet and will be reviewing all of them this week and next. When we return from break we will begin word family spelling tests. 

In addition, please help your child practice writing his/her first and last name. Please be sure there are no backwards letters and that only the first letter is uppercase. The rest of the name should be lowercase. Recognizing and writing names are very important and will be practiced every day!                   

Ex.          Mohamed Ali     not…. MOHAMED ALI  or mohamed ali.  

Reading: This week we will identify the Main Topic and Key Details in a nonfiction (informational) text. In addition we will continue to sequence events from story books. The children will also continue working on blending three sounds to read a word  (ex. b-a-t blended reads bat) and identifying the last sound in a word. 

Please encourage your child to read their sight words and books from their reading bags each day! Please practice the following sight words: (These are words your child needs to recognize and read by sight.)

Review:      you he        NEW words this week will be:     it little

Math: We will continue our unit on Measurement. This week will be comparing the weight of objects using the words heavier than and lighter than. 

Science: We will continue our Unit on Physical Science. We will continue learning about natural resources… this includes water and wood and how we use it. 

Social Studies:  We will continue our unit on  “How do I get what I want?” We will review needs and wants, goods and services, and trading.

Writing: We will continue our MASIA writing unit. We have been working on pattern books. These are books that contain repeating sentences/words to communicate meaning.  This week we will focus on a ask and answer question pattern.

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