Kindergarten Weekly News

Hello Kindergarten Families!  Happy 12th week of kindergarten!

Parent Teacher Conferences continue this week. Tuesday and Thursday November 12th and 14th. Scheduled appointments begin at 4:00 and will end promptly at 7:00 pm. 

Please be sure to see your child’s teacher if you did not get a reminder for your scheduled appointment time. PLEASE be on time for your parent-teacher conference. 

Upcoming: Thanksgiving Break –  No School November 27th, 28th, 29th 

FOOD DRIVE – please consider donating canned or boxed food. The class with the most donations will receive a pizza party.  

The weather is getting colder! Please be sure to send your child with a coat, hat, and gloves everyday. If your child wears boots to school, please be sure that they have gym shoes in their backpack to change into.

Please remember to put the items your child brings home in their reading and math bags back into the bags when you are done using them. The children are bringing home books and sight word cards to practice. Please help your child be responsible with these learning tools. These bags contain homework items for your child. Please work with these items for 20 minutes each day. ☺

Homework: Practice letters, books, and sight words in your child’s reading bags. Write first name and last name, count to 100, recognize and write numbers 1-20.

Letters:  Please help your child to recognize and write the following letters this week: Qq and Uu.  

In addition, please help your child practice writing his/her first and last name. Please be sure there are no backwards letters and that only the first letter is uppercase. The rest of the name should be lowercase. Recognizing and writing names are very important and will be practiced every day!

Ex.          Mohamed Ali     not…. MOHAMED ALI  or mohamed ali.  

Reading: This week we will focus on illustrations (pictures) and how they match the text. In addition, we will be learning about the long vowel sounds. The children will also continue working on blending sounds to read a word. (ex. b-a-t blended reads bat) 

Please encourage your child to read their sight words and books from their reading bags each day! Please practice the following sight words: (These are words your child needs to recognize and read by sight.)

Review:   play on             NEW words this week will be:    are for

Math: We will continue to practice recognizing and writing numbers 0-20 as well as representing the quantity the number represents. We will also continue to practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. We will also continue our unit on shapes. We are learning how to describe flat (2D) shapes. 

Science: We will continue our science about Weather. We will observe and discuss the different seasons and track the daily local weather.

Social Studies:  We will continue our unit on  “How do I get what I want?” We will group and sort  needs and wants. (ex. clothing, food, water, shelter, and air are needs. Computers, toys, and candy are wants.)

Writing: We will continue to work on Narrative Writing. We will focus on a setting and characters with a beginning, middle and end. Students will write about the places they have been, who went with them, and what they did. 

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