1/7/2020 US Government Classwork

First, take a formative true/false quiz to review the federalism key terms from yesterday. (See me for that assignment.)

Then, for the next set of key terms, record your own definitions in the center column of this graphic organizer. You do not need to complete the right hand column.

For the definitions of those key terms, read the following:

  • Ch. 4.2
    • Process of Becoming a State
      • Enabling Act
      • Act of Admission
    • Federal Grants-in-Aid Programs (“Grants”)
  • Ch. 4.3 Notes
    • Interstate compacts
    • Full Faith and Credit
    • Extradition
    • Privileges and Immunities

12/18/2019 US Government Classwork

Today we wrap up the judicial branch. Read these pages about the national judiciary (this is from a different edition than the book we have in class, but the text is the same), then respond to the prompts on this paper.

Use this Kahoot to help you prepare for quiz questions about the national judiciary.

Tomorrow there will be a vocabulary-centered quiz about the judicial branch. A list of the words you should know can be found here.

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