Math Competition: Division Battle 5th grade

Filled Trip: PBIS Trip

Test Social Studies next Wednesday 5/31/17


List 29- Spelling Pattern of the week: ___________


meteorology probability biology ratio anthology
pathology astrology physiology cardiology coordinates
origin archaeology mythology geology neurology
technology vertical ecology horizontal sociology








List 28- Spelling Pattern of the week: ___________


centimeter triangular amendment senate symmetry
kilometer quadruple federalists quadrangle biweekly
unicycle hexagon ratify polygon uniform
millimeter quadrilateral kilogram antifederalists federalism


List 27-  Spelling Pattern of the week: ___________


essential artificial expression table influential
crucial constitution residential sequential delegates
twice as much partial the “given” beneficial initial
facial graph commercial statement abolition


List 26-  Spelling Pattern of the week: ___________


flame rebel production consumption genetic
divide variable admiration criminal  televise
admire produce dividend flammable gene
television crime consume irony rebellion