Wayne County Regional Enhancement Education Millage Proposal


School districts in Wayne County have placed a proposal on the November 8th ballot to provide added funding for our schools. It is the “Regional Enhancement Millage Proposal.”

If approved by the entire county, the 2 mil proposal will generate approximately $6.2 million from Dearborn but the District will receive $7.8 million in additional funding for our schools.  Money would go to local schools starting this year and the millage expires after six years.  Continue reading

Wayne County Regional Enhancement Education Millage Proposal


School districts in Wayne County have placed a proposal on the November 8th ballot to provide added funding for our schools. It is the “Regional Enhancement Millage Proposal.”

If approved by the entire county, the 2 mil proposal will generate approximately $6.2 million from Dearborn but the District will receive $7.8 million in additional funding for our schools.  Money would go to local schools starting this year and the millage expires after six years.  Continue reading

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Play as of 6-2-16

Section 1
S: Good evening! Miss Nellie’s Class will be presenting the Incas. Ameer Kayed and I, Sukayna Bazzi will be your narrators. The Incas were in western South America.  They started in ancient Peru, near the Andes Mountains in the 1200s.

A: Some of what you will hear today is considered a myth, while other information is considered to be real.

S: The Incan gods and goddesses being presented are: Inti, Mama Quilla, Pachamama, Copacati, Chasca, Mama Kuka, Manco Capac, Mamma Oclla, Axomamma, and Mama Cocha.

A: Here are the gods and goddesses!

Gods and Goddesses Play Lines

Inti: Mamma Quilla, why am I so lonely?

Mama Quilla: Well, Inti, there is nobody on Earth that needs you right now.

Inti: My dear wife, that is ridiculous!  I am the great Sun god!

Mamma Q: Why don’t you focus on another part of the Earth to start a new empire of people?

Inti: Great idea, Mamma Quilla!  Let’s get the Earth goddess, Pachamama, to assist with this endeavor.

Pachamama: Hello, Inti and Mamma Quilla!  How may I assist you?

Inti: We want to start a new nation of people.  Where do you recommend we should start this nation?

Page 1

Pachamama:  I have the perfect location.  This empire will be in South America on the west side along the Andes Mountains.

Mamma Q.: That is a terrific locaton, Pachamama!  Don’t you agree, Inti?

Inti:  Go ahead and get started.  We’ll see how that works out.

Mamma Q.: Since I am the moon goddess I will allow the people to see at night most of the time.  However, my size appears to change and sometimes in a month I reflect more light than other times.

Pachamama: Very good, Mamma Quilla.  Also the people can use the moon to help with their calendar.

[ Inti and Mama Q leave the stage.]

Pachamama: Let me think what kind of guidance will these people need? People need to be happy so I will call on goddess Mama Kuka.

Mama Kuka: Hello Pachamama, How can I help you?

Pachamama: Inti is going to create humans called Incas because Inca means children of Inti, the sun god.  We will need to make sure his human children are happy.

Mama Kuka: You came to the right goddess!  For I am the goddess of health and joy!

I will make the first coca plant that will reproduce itself many times over.  [Look to the audience and say – “You know how chocolate makes everyone happy!”] [ Give a big smile and pull out a Hershey bar.]

Page 2

Mama Kuka: Pachamama, aren’t you also goddess of the lakes?

Pachamama: Yes, I am the goddess of all nature. I will make a lake in the center of this new nation called Lake Titicaca.  Mama Cocha can also watch over this Lake.

Mama Cocha: I would be happy to help, since I am the goddess of the Sea.  I will make sure Lake Titicaca is supplied with fish for the new civilization to eat.


Mama Cocha: I will also help by making sure Lake Titicaca is supplied with an abundance of fish for the new civilization to eat.
Axomamma: Hello, I am the goddess of farmers and especially the goddess of potatoes.  I will give this new nation 40 different kinds of potatoes.

Copacati:  Axomamma, you are quite generous.

Axomamma: Thank you! I will also give you corn, avocados, beans, peppers, squash, cashews and peanuts.

Chasca: Hello, I am Chasca, the goddess of dawn and twilight, and the protector of the young.

Mama Kuka: Protection for the young is very necessary. Thank you for working with us on this adventure, Chasca.

Chasca: My pleasure. Oh, here comes Inti and Mama Quilla.

Inti: It appears that all of you goddesses have prepared very well for my new humans.

Mama Quilla: Yes, I love what you all have done.

Inti: Ok, let’s make humans. They will be called Inca. Inca means the child of the son god, Inti, which is me.

Inti: My dear children, Manco Capac and Mama Oclla, I need you to go to Western South America to find a location with fertile soil. Take this golden rod and it will sink when it is at the exact right place!

Page 3



Manco C.: Ok, so it will sink just where you want your new kingdom to be.

Inti: Manco Capac, you will also need to civilize these people. You teach the men how to provide for their families.

Mama Quilla: Mama Oclla, you teach the women how to weave, make clothes and take care of their homes.

Mama Oclla: Yes, Manco!! Bye, Dad.

(After moving from place to place, they found the right place)

Mama Oclla: Manco, let’s put the rod here.

Manco: It sunk!!!



Section 2
A: Mama Oclla and Manco Capac found the perfect location that Inti wanted to start the Incas.

S: It was in what we know as Peru today.

A: Since the Incas didn’t have a written language, most of what we know about them is told from stories. You know how family stories are told and get past down.

S: They also used Quipas to take notes. Quipas are strings that people put in knots. These knots represent specific things to the person creating the quipa. For example, one blue string might have two knots which represents a crop of 20. This all depends on what the maker of the knot wants the knot to mean.

A: Here are the farmers! Farmers used quipas to count the amount of animals and crops that they had.

Page 4


Inca Farmers and the Miner’s Play Lines 

Medina = Anahuarque; Hadi = Apo – Mayta; Daniel = Auqui Maita

Medina: Have you seen the alpacas and llamas? You know the most important animal to the Incas is the llama!!!
Hadi:  I saw one, but not the rest.

Daniel: I led our llamas and alpacas to the enclosed farm area because it started to rain. The guinea pigs are already inside.
Medina: Ok, Great job!  Now let’s go there to count how many we have.

Hadi : Red is for the alpacas.  Each knot will represent 5 animals.

Daniel: Green is for the guinea pigs.

Medina: Blue is for the llamas.

Hadi:  We have 15 alpacas

Daniel:  There are 10 guinea pigs.

Medina: There are 35 llamas altogether.

Daniel: What are these animals used for?

Hadi: The llamas are used to help with farm work by carrying heavy things.  Sometimes they go very long distances. They also give us their wool.

Daniel: The llama is cousin to the camel. But llamas do not have a hump.

Hadi: The body of a llama stores water just like a camel in order to travel long distances without needing water.

Medina: Llamas are also valuable for their wool. Llama wool in course and used for common people’s clothing.  Alpacas have softer wool which is used for royalty.

Daniel:  It is time for you to go, son!

Hadi: I know. Each family must send one member to be a miner. I will go for our family.
Medina: Thank you, son.
Daniel: I’ll come to help you pack.                                                                       Page 5

Section 3

A: Travelers called chasqui were messengers that ran where they were told by the emperor at the time.

S: Emperors were called a Sapa Inca.

A: The Sapa Inca wanted to figure out a census.

S: A census is the number of whatever is being counted.

A: Sometimes, it would be for areas. The census could also be used to find out what material goods were around, such as crops, animal, silver and gold.

S: If the areas were a long distance several messengers would go and relay to get this information.

Glenn: I was made a messenger, known as chasqui.  I was selected due to my long legs.  Messengers need to get to places quickly in order to deliver verbal information.

Omar: I was chosen due to my strength.  We keep track of what we see with quipus.  Quipus are strings that are tied together like this. [Show a quipu.]

Glenn: We tie knots to the strings. Each string has a color. Each color has a special meaning. We bring this information to the Sapa Inca and tell him what the quipus mean.

Omar: Come on we must get going.

Glenn: I’ll meet you at the top of the mountain.

[Relay run and pass the quipus back and forth.]




Page 6


Section 4
S: How do we know so much about the Incas?

A: We know information from stories that were passed down from generations of Incan descendants.

A: Also, archeologists have studied the ancient ruins of the lost city of Machu Picchu and have found many skeletons and maps.

S: Oh yes, I remember reading about the famous archeologist, Hiram Bingham, and how he rediscovered the lost city of Machu Picchu along with information about the Incan Empire.

S: Among his discoveries, he found some skeletons than have been fractured due to warfare. Unfortunately, all civilizations experience fighting of some sorts. [Shaking your head]



Alfreda Mitchell: Hiram, I have some money that I inherited from my wealthy family of the Tiffany Jewelry Fortune. I don’t have a cause to spend it on.


Hiram Bingham: If you wish to lend me some money to take my expedition to South America that would be very helpful.


Alfreda Mitchell: I suppose I could lend you some money.

May I ask what you are going to do there?


Hiram Bingham: I will travel to Cuzco, a small settlement in Peru. My expedition party and I will be looking for ruins high in the Andes Mountains. We hope to find out more about the Ancient Inca Civilization.

Page 7

Alfreda Mitchell: That sounds very interesting.  I hope you are successful on your journey to the South.


[Alfreda helped Hiram to pack for his trip.]


Alfreda: Safe trip, Hiram and expeditioners!  I’ll be busy with our 7 children at home.


Hiram:  Farewell!




Expeditioner: Now we are in South America. Mr. Bingham, we have found a local farmer’s wife here to tell you something about the area.


Hiram Bingham: Ok, we will see what she knows.


Medina = “There are extensive ruins, high in the mountains nearby. It is near my farm.  This land is called Machu Picchu, meaning ‘old mountain.”


Expeditioner: The farmer said that we  have to climb up to the ruins. I don’t think we will find any ruins there.


[No one else in Bingham’s party showed any interest.]

Bingham:  Come on, let’s go!

Expeditioners:  Alright.

Bingham:  There it is!  I found Machu Picchu!!!                       Page 8

Section 5
A: In 1533, the Inca civilization dissolved after years of fighting the Spanish conquistadors.


S: Francisco Pizarro was the main reason that the civilization broke down.


A: If it weren’t for him, perhaps the Incas would have lived a little longer.


S: There were approximately 19 Sapa Incas.


A: Some of the most important ones were:


S: Atahualpa, Manco Capac,


A: Inca Roca, Pachacuti


S: Sinchi Roca, Tupac Amaru


A: Viracocha Inca, and YawarWaqaq.


S: The Spanish arrived in 1532.

Page 9


Sawyer= Francisco  Pizarro

Hani =Diego De Almagro

Rawan=Antonella the Spanish soldier and the queen of Spain



Pizarro= My majesty, may I please go of to Peru for a 3rd time?


Queen=Why what are you looking for in Peru?


Pizarro=El Dorado, which has much gold.


Queen= You, certainly have my permission, as long as you bring me back your treasures.


Diego= Sir I’ve spotted land.


Atahualpa= Messenger deliver this message to those people who landed in Tumbas, we will invite them to our palace for a dinner.


Glenn (messenger)= Certainly Atahualpa, it shall be done.


Francisco Pizarro= We offer to teach you Christianity while we are here.


Atahualpa= Why thank you but no we will practice our own religious beliefs.


Diego=Now men we must make are way up the Andes to attack those strange people this battle will be known as Cajamarca, charge!


Diego= Look it’s Atahualpa!  Antonella grab him he will be ransom for their gold and silver. We will give the riches to the queen because El Dorado was a myth.


Inca army= Quick men we must save Atahualpa from those men.




Diego=Hold him captive, Antonella!

Page 10

Pizarro= We can do this men keep hanging in there.


Antonella=Good job men the day has been a victory!


Pizarro=Diego take Atahualpa to our camp. I will deliver my demand to those people myself.


Diego=Sir, it shall be done


Matthew, Inca army leader= Fine we shall meet your demands just give back our leader please.


Pizarro=Gold & Silver first.


Matthew=Here is your gold and silver give me Atahualpa.


[Other helpers help bring in the gold & silver.]

Pizarro=Diego grab the prisoner now.


Diego=Yes, sir.


Pizarro=Let’s go men our work is done

the queen shall be pleased.


Queen= Pizarro you have done well.

Narrators’ Conclusion

S:  After a little over 300 years, the Inca empire dissolved.


A: Francisco Pizarro died on June 26, 1541 at age 70. Hiram Bingham died in1956 at age 80.


S: The Inca Empire can still be visited today, in South America.


A: Very few still follow the Incan culture.


S: The Incas might not be here anymore, but there are still many stories to learn about them today.                                             Page 11




Study Island Summer Contest

Study Island Blue Ribbon Summer Contest

For 2015-2016 Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

What to do – Do your current year, the year before, or after Study Island Test.

Read the lesson first and answer at least 10 questions.

Time Period – June 15 until August 31, 2015

Students with the most Blue Ribbons will receive a gift certificate!

  • First Place for each grade level will receive a $25.00 Target Gift Certificate!

Feel free to email Miss Nellie with any questions during the summer. Please put a subject in your email so I can identify you as someone I know. (kiesel221@comcast.net)

See Miss Nellie for your reward after school starts in September.

Howe Montessori’s Summer 2015 (A note already went home with each student.)

Dear Parents,

We are fortunate that our school provides our students with a variety of educational tools through paid subscriptions. Please keep in mind that all students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. On average, students lose approximately over 2 months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Some students can lose about 2 months of reading achievement.

In an effort to assist parents in reducing the “summer loss of learning” we are providing you a list of  sites that are designed to be a review of material from the past school year and have been pulled from our current reading and math programs. Students should be familiar of these sites. Below is a list of available paid website subscriptions. Each website has its own unique value.

V Math- This math online learning program is aligned with our state-specific standards and includes online math practice, math simulations, instructions, and progress-monitoring assessment.

Website Address:www.vmathlive.com           



Online Everyday Math- This site provides students with practice with basic math skills, builds critical thinking skills, computation and fact fluency. Students also receive feedback on all mathematical concepts. This site also includes games that are designed to motivate students, address specific skills and levels.  

Website Address: www.everydaymathonline.com            



MobyMax- This site provides students with online resources in math, language and reading. All the lessons are aligned with our state’s standard expectation by grade level.

Website Address: www.mobymax.com



My On- This site provides anytime, anywhere access to a library of more than 8,000 digital books with multimedia supports, real-time reporting and assessments.

Website Address:www.myon.com



Study Island- Study Island combines content that is highly customized to our specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies with interactive features and games that engage students and reinforce and reward learning achievement.

Website Address:www.studyisland.com



We also encourage you to reward your child at home for their efforts in completing these activities. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Howe Montessori Staff

Study Island due 6-6-15

Study’s Island Homework– due Saturday, June 6, 2015.

How to do Study Island:

1 – Remember to read the lesson first.
2 – Finishing
this assignment by doing at least 10 questions and getting a passing score of 80 or higher.

3 – All missed questions need to be written out with the correct answer and handed in first thing on Monday morning. [To get to correct the errors – Go to View Sessions followed by View Missed.  At View Missed it shows what the correct answer is and why it is correct.]

Grade 4:

Math (CC) – 6.d. Symmetry

ELA (CC) – 5.j. Frequently Confused Words
Grade 5:

Math (CC) – 3.c. Comparing Decimals

Math (CC) 3.d. Rounding Decimals

Every Monday morning students are to hand-in their missed questions for each lesson.  Students are to write answers using complete sentences, as well as the titles and date.

Spelling 6-1 to 6-5-15

Spelling – Nutritional Facts

June 1 to 5, 2015

serving size, calories, total fats, saturated, trans, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, cholesterol, sodium,

potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, minerals

By 1:30 on Monday due – In your Science Composition Book, write your word followed by the definition. Then skip a line. Repeat this process until you are out of Spelling Words. ________

By lunch on Tuesday by 2:00 – Write the spelling word followed by it written with dashes at each syllable. ______

By lunch on WednesdayWords neatly written and properly boxed for each letter using a straightedge. ________

Thursday by 2:00 – Words written three times using the write, cover, check and write a third time method. ________

Due Thursday by 2:30, pretest is due. The pretest needs to be signed by who gives and checks it. Any misspelled words need to be written 3 times. _______

FridayTest _______

Promotion Ceremony Reception

Promotion Ceremony Reception

                   June 10, 2015

Grade 4’s Families will help with the following:

Sukayna Bazzi – Serving and Clean-up

Mariam Chaaban – Serving and Clean-up by big brothers!

Ameer Kayed – Serving

Ryann Khanafer – Bring small waters

Biladi Koussan – Serving and Clean-up

Glenn Moore – Serving

Evan Reynoso – Bring Pretzels and Chips

Fifth grade families bring the refreshments and proceed to the ceremony.

Grade 5’s Families will be bringing the following:

Abraham Abdulkarim   – Finger Foods

Reyana Alsedawi         –  Shatila Fingers

Ali Bazzi                       – Juice

Layla Chehab                – Spinach Pies and Small Waters

Dalya Dakroub               – Small Waters, Finger Foods and Salad

Mohammad El-chami     – Meat and Small Pizza Pies

Gabriel Ergonis               – Juice

Adam Farhat                   – Thyme Pie, Popcorn, and Juice

Lynn Harp                         – Promotion/Graduation Cake

Iya Mackie                        – Baklava

Hadi Obeid                       – Cheese Pies

Ava Polk                           –  Small Waters

Cameron Prodin              – Cookies

Isabelle Robinson           – Buffet Set-up

Julia Schoen                    – Buffet Set-up

Ahmed Sebai                   – Cheese and Crackers

Mason Theodossin           – Fruit