8th Grade Curriculum

Framework used in my class:

Reading Apprenticeship


  • Individual, Pair, Group Routine
  • Think Aloud Routine
  • SSR+Routine
  • Think Pair Share Routine
  • Literature Circle Routine
  • Talk-to-the-Text Routine
  • Student Goals

  • reading logs
  • essay drafts
  • conferring with individual student
  • exit tickets
  • quizzes


  • final draft of essay
  • end of unit assessment



5th Card Marking 

Essential Question:  What does it take to overcome adversity? How does an author create tone and mood to evoke a reader’s empathy? How have difference makers changed throughout history?

Student will read the dramatic play for “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Student will identify and support the use of text signals a playwright uses to create mood/tone and character development. Student will see the same story in the form of film. Students will then write a movie review.

Reading Literature

  • “Paul Revere’s Ride” p.136
  • “I Want to Write” p. 856
  • “Sit-Ins” p. 859

Reading Information

  1. “A Dream of Freedom” p. 861
  2. “Kabul’s Singing Sensation” p. 924
  3. “Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad” p. 266


Atlas Rubicon MAISA unit for eighth grade compare/contrast on an issue  essay

(scroll to bottom of page and click on attachment)

6th Card Marking 

Essential Question: How can I apply my knowledge of the elements of fiction to the novel?

Student will read a teacher/building selected novel. Students will apply learned reading strategies to the novel. Students will apply argumentative and techniques to the creation of an op-ed piece.
Reading Literature

Teacher/Building selected novel

  • The Outsiders
  • Night
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Book Thief
  • My Brother Sam is Dead