Week of May 22

We have a busy last couple of weeks. This week, we have:

WEDNESDAY – 4th grade picnic in the afternoon
THURSDAY – field day ***hoping for good weather!

No School Friday or Monday

4th grade math:   The next 2 weeks will focus on SYMMETRY. Some of the students will work with decimals and fractions having a denominator of 10 or 100.

5th grade math:   We will begin this week with a review in volume. The students know volume as how many layers of cubes the rectangle has. We’ve been counting the cubes on the face. Then we add that number for as many layers as it has. We also will be tackling measurement units for liquid capacity.

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Spelling is back! With all of the testing, it had gotten pushed aside. Here are this week’s words:

Hadi, Waseem, Hassan: LAMP     CAMP     BAND     POND     DESK     ASK     GASP     WISP   INCH     LUNCH

Sarah, Ali, Nashiya, Ramzi:  PUN       FUN    SUN       RUN    BUN       STUN

Iaiyah:   SKIN        SKIP   SMELL      SNAP   SPOT        STOP   SPELL       STEP

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