Week of May 22

We have a busy last couple of weeks. This week, we have:

WEDNESDAY – 4th grade picnic in the afternoon
THURSDAY – field day ***hoping for good weather!

No School Friday or Monday

4th grade math:   The next 2 weeks will focus on SYMMETRY. Some of the students will work with decimals and fractions having a denominator of 10 or 100.

5th grade math:   We will begin this week with a review in volume. The students know volume as how many layers of cubes the rectangle has. We’ve been counting the cubes on the face. Then we add that number for as many layers as it has. We also will be tackling measurement units for liquid capacity.

–    –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

Spelling is back! With all of the testing, it had gotten pushed aside. Here are this week’s words:

Hadi, Waseem, Hassan: LAMP     CAMP     BAND     POND     DESK     ASK     GASP     WISP   INCH     LUNCH

Sarah, Ali, Nashiya, Ramzi:  PUN       FUN    SUN       RUN    BUN       STUN

Iaiyah:   SKIN        SKIP   SMELL      SNAP   SPOT        STOP   SPELL       STEP

Week of May 1

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already May. We don’t have very much school left! Here’s what we’re doing this week…


4th Grade:  We are beginning the MI-Access test (the version of M-STEP our students take). Areas tested include Math, Reading, Science — all on the computer — and a Writing portion that is paper, pencil. Other than testing, I will not be pulling the students out at all.


5th Grade:   Because of one-on-one 4th grade testing, I will be seeing our students for a very limited amount of time. We will take the test for unit 9 (graphing, 3D shapes and volume). I am hoping to get in some instruction for unit 10 as well (shapes, graphs).

–    –  –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

SPELLING – test 5/5

Waseem, Hadi, Hassan – puddle   muddle   huddle   cuddle   middle   fiddle   riddle   paddle   waddle

Sarah, Nashiya, Ramzi, Ali – (IG word family)  pig  wig  gig  dig   big  fig

Iaiyah – brush  grab  drip  grip  truck  brim  crush  frog  grill  press

Week of April 10

I hope everyone had a relaxing Spring break! I was disappointed that the weather was so wet during the week! But what a beautiful weekend to finish off the break…


This week, M-Step testing begins… which means that our students’ test (MI-Access) begins as well. I am starting with 5th grade, and then will complete 4th grade afterwards. I will only test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, unless this method turns out to be too slow! Please make sure your student is getting a GOOD night’s rest and a healthy breakfast.

*Because of testing AND a short week, there will be NO SPELLING.


4th Grade Math: Our new unit is back to multiplication as repeated addition. We will also dabble with area and perimeter, when given something to count. In other words, we won’t be memorizing formulas or finding the widths and lengths of shapes.

5th Grade Math: We will take a 3D shape quiz on Thursday. The quiz will only be about shape names, and being able to identify 3D vs 2D.

Week of March 27

4th Grade Math:  We will be taking our unit test on Thursday for fractions. Topics include: recognizing whole vs. fraction, knowing what half looks like, representing a fraction as well as naming a fraction, and adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators. This has been a difficult unit for most students. Look for the test review to come home on Wednesday.


5th Grade Math: I had begun by introducing the whole graph with negative numbers and quickly realized that was a mistake! We have been only focusing on the positive quadrant for graphing, and the students are doing much better. They are all able to name a point (ie: 5, 6) and also able to graph a point. Tomorrow we will begin reviewing shapes (2D vs 3D) and naming common 3D shapes. We will take a quick quiz on Thursday before Spring break. More details to follow.

March is Reading Month

This week, we had three guests come in for March is Reading Month. Thank you Mrs. Stieper and Mrs. Zalupski for supporting our efforts to show the importance and fun of reading!!!!

Jacob loved meeting all of our students!!!

Mrs. Stieper reading “Kiss Me, I’m Perfect!”

So far, we’ve had 3 guest readers, with still 3 more to come. We would LOVE to see some of you! Please email me if you are interested.

Week of 3-13

4th Grade Math:   This week, we are going to dive into fractions. Last week, we ended with defining what a fraction is (part of a whole). We also distinguished between what half looks like and doesn’t look like. The plan moving forward is to start representing fractions as well as naming them.


5th Grade Math:   We will be taking the unit 8 assessment on Friday, with a review Thursday. Besides working with fractions and story problems, there isn’t anything new this week. Look for the review to come home on Thursday.


–    –    –    –    –   –   –   –   –

Spelling – TEST 3/17

Sarah, Ali, Nashiya, Ramzi-   MATH    CHIP    CHOP   SUCH    WITH    THE


Iaiyah, Hassan-   HONK     BONK   CONK      JUNK    CHUNK    DUNK    HUNK      *OR

Week of 3/6

This week, a note will be coming home from our class. It is to invite you to come and read a book to us this month during March is Reading Month. Please email me to let me know if you are interested! 🙂 We love visitors!


4th Grade: We will take a math test on Tuesday for unit 6 (division, angles). The unit following is fractions. We will begin with basics: representing fractions, naming fractions, and fraction vocabulary.

5th Grade: We are going to work on closing unit 8 this week. We will learn how to multiply fractions through visual representations (equal groups) or repeated addition. We are also going to add and subtract mixed numbers.

–   –   –    –    –    –    –    –

SPELLING – test on March 10


Ali, Sarah, Ramzi, Nashiya – THEM   THAT   THIS   PATH   MATH   BATH

Hassan, Iaiyah – BANK    SANK    HANK    RANK    LINK    SINK    INK    THINK

week of Feb. 27

I hope everyone enjoyed the week off! This week, we will be having our school Core Values assembly. Students are recognized for Academic Excellence, filling peoples’ buckets, and showing large amounts of progress. This week, we will be having our first PBiS party in my class. Right now, I have 4 students who might miss the party, behavior dependent. Check in with your child 🙂 They all know that a good day can fix that.

4th Grade Math:   This week, we are continuing with angles, pulling in our knowledge of fact families to find angle totals as well as missing pieces. Division continues to be a daily skill that we practice. The students understand the concept as sharing equally, and have only used manipulatives so far.

5th Grade Math:   We began unit 8 with a review of fraction basics – how to name a fraction, how to draw a picture for a fraction, and adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators. Tomorrow, we are going to review and practice adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. This week, we will be reviewing mixed numbers as well.

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

Spelling – test 3/3

Waseem, Sharif, Hadi:   spot   spell   spit   span    spun   stop   step   stiff   stab   stun

Ali, Ramzi, Sarah, Nashiya:   chip   chop   chum   chap   chin    chat

Hassan, Iaiyah:   hang   rang   fang   bang   sung   lung   rung   hung



*Pizza is for sale EVERY Monday after school!

*Friday is a PTA family movie night – make sure to come by!!!

week of Feb. 13

4th Grade Math:   Last week, we took unit 5’s test and began unit 6, starting with basic division. We talked about what division means and did “sharing stories” together. This week, we will continue to work on basic division skills daily. We will compare/contrast multiplication and division, in addition to finding strategies for solving equations. Unit 6 includes angles again. We will revisit the 3 types of angles: acute, right and obtuse. Then we will explore protractors and how to find missing angles, as well as the value of the entire shape. Below are our content standards:

  • EE.MD.5-7 : recognize an angle, determine size with words large or small
  • EE.NBT.6 : division

5th Grade Math:  We will be finishing up unit 7 this week (test on Thursday). Today and Tuesday will cover pre-algebra skills, such as writing expressions when given criteria (ie: the sum of 8 and 7). We also will solve equations with missing numbers, indicated either with a blank or a letter (ie: the product of A and 4 is 40). Wednesday will be a review of: place value thru thousands, adding/subtracting 10, fact families, multiplying/dividing by 10, and algebraic expressions.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

SPELLING – test for 5th graders on THURSDAY due to field trip / 4th graders test Fri. 2/17

Ali, Sarah, Ramzi, Nashiya- MUD   PIG   TIP   PIT   GUM   RUN

Hassan, Iaiyah – SING   RING   KING   WING   SONG   LONG   GONG  *ALL


Week of Feb. 6

4th Grade Math: The 4th graders will test on Tuesday for Unit 5. The topics covered are:

  • basic multiplication facts: being able to find answers through equal group drawings or repeated addition
  • multiplication story problems
  • rounding numbers (0-100) to the nearest ten    *They will be able to use a modified 100’s chart to do this. It basically functions as a number line where they can see which multiple of 10 is closest.


5th Grade Math: We continued unit 7 by reviewing place value (again!). We also observed and practiced the pattern of what happens when you multiply or divide by 10, 100. In addition to the place value piece, we will begin pre-algebra skills today. We will write number sentences when given specific criteria (such as, double number x) and solve addition & subtraction problems with missing quantities using our knowledge of fact families.

–   –   –   –   –   –   –   –

SPELLING – test Feb. 10

Sharif, Waseem, Hadi – SKID   SKIP   SKILL   SKIN   SKIFF   SCAN   SCAB   SCAM   SCUM   SCOTT
*spelling pattern – SC/SK blend… SC for that sound, unless it is followed by an i, in which K is used instead

Hassan, Iaiyah – FUSS    JAZZ   FILL    SELL    QUILL    CUFF    MESS    PASS    LESS    CHESS
*spelling pattern – doubling S, Z, L and F on the ends of single-syllable words (Sam Loves Fuzzy Zebras)

Ali, Ramzi, Sarah, Nashiya – UP   NUT   CUT   CUP   RUG   HUG