Science Fair Poster

The final product to be displayed at the Science Fair on June 7th will be a poster. I have had students make a large format poster board in powerpoint earlier in the year and will stress students to use the same method for the final poster, because it results in a very high quality product especially if the content of the board is correct.

The method we used in class was to print a large poster using regular sheets of paper and taping them together. This method would be appropriate for the science fair if done neatly.

If you have questions, please contact me.

This is the site with the powerpoint templates if you’re looking for an example.

STEM Science Fair moved up to June 7th

The STEM Science Fair has been moved up to June 7th and students in my classes should begin their experiments this week so that results and data can be analyzed in class on May12th. Students will have to work on their experiment outside of class during the upcoming 4 weeks to complete their projects. No class time will be given to perform the experiment in class but some time will be given to plan or discuss their progress on the experiment. Students have so far developed their question/topic and done significant research into their topic already and should be ready to hit the ground running starting today!

Field Trip Weather

The majority of the Field Trip your student will be attending, on either the 27th or 20th, will be outside. Please dress appropriately for whatever conditions are present, including wearing shoes appropriate for muddy conditions if it rains before or during your trip. Check the weather the day before.

Chaperones Needed for Field Trip

I am in need of chaperones for a field trip to the Environmental Interpretive Center the Week of March 27th. It will be in the afternoon from about 11:30 to 2:30. Two trips are scheduled, and I need 2-3 chaperones for each trip. Contact me for more details. A clearance will need to be done for interested individuals which will take approximately 2 weeks. So the sooner I know the better.