Happy Holidays–Essays graded, Grades updated, Extra Credit!

Hello all.  I hope that you and your families have had time to spend together this holiday season.  In one week, we will be returning to school on January 7th.  Unfortunately, some students still have not turned in their summative character trait essay assignment.

Those that have been turned in have been scored and put into the gradebook.  To see your score, log on to student connect now.  If you have any questions about your score, please check with Mr. Melvin when school resumes on January 7th.  He will hand back rubrics and scored papers that fully explain the grades.

If you have not yet turned in your essay (you will know this based on the email sent to your student account, or because there is a zero by this assignment on student connect), please share it with Mr. Melvin as soon as possible.

Either way, feel free to continue working on your assignments for break in this class.  If you have completed them and would like a challenge for 4 points of extra credit, please:

  1. Read the article on New Year’s traditions
  2. Post a comment below to answer the four questions after the article.

Please contact Mr. Melvin with any questions or problems.  Enjoy the last week of break, make sure you complete your assignments, and read, read, read!  We will begin with NWEA testing on Language when we come back to school.  Interested students can practice any IXL.com 5th grade skills from K-O or AA-MM for good practice!


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