Homework over Winter Break (12/22-1/6)

Hello all!

When we return from winter break, we will resume our NWEA testing, according to the following schedule:

Because of this, student should practice their skills over the break.  Students will have 4 tasks to accomplish over break, and ideally, they can be spread out and done a bit at a time (20 minutes per day or so) instead of tackled all at once.

  1. Read for 20 minutes on eight separate days.  Each day you read, make one metacognitive reaction and record it, for a total of 8 reactions to be turned in when you return.
  2. Complete IXL.com 6th Grade M.2 up to 85 or above.
  3. Complete IXL.com 6th Grade V.2 up to 85 or above.
  4. Complete IXL.com 6th Grade X.3 up to 85 or above.

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