Oakman Young 5s Read At Home Pledge and Plan

Here is the Oakman Young 5s Read At Home Pledge:

Oakman Students’ Pledge to Read to Succeed

Reading is fun and books are cool too.

I will read a book daily to learn something new.

I will learn different words and I will listen in school,

When teachers read stories and share reading rules.

I will practice my skills in every way,

Reading is something I will do everyday.

Reading offers great adventures to me,

Reading will help me be the best I can be.

I will read to Succeed!
I pledge to read for 15 minutes everyday so that I can succeed.

I pledge to listen to my son/ daughter read every day.


Oakman’s Young 5s’ Read at Home Plan

Your child has a Read at Home Plan that will be part of their homework routine each day. Please read/listen to your child read for 15 minutes everyday. Please use the attached graph to help your child color the number of books read each night. There will be a special reward for the child with the most books read at the end of the week. I will check this graph numerous times throughout the week. This is an expectation that will continue throughout the rest of the school year!

Here are some ideas to do with your child:

  1. Read the books inside the reading bag. Your child needs to touch each word as they read these books with your help. They can also practice reading the pictures with any book. This is when they use the pictures to make up the story. 🙂
  2. Read books from home or the library. You can also visit sites like storyline online (https://www.storylineonline.net/) or mel.org
  3. Ask your child to find sight words we have learned,
  4. Ask your child to find letters we have learned.
  5. Ask your child comprehension questions, such as who are the characters?, what is the setting of the story?, what part of the story is your favorite and why?
  6. Find the periods, question marks, exclamation points
  7. Draw a picture of their favorite part from a story
  8. Draw a picture and label a character from a story.
  9. Play sight word memory match game by writing the sight words on two cards each. Place these cards upside down and take turns picking two cards until a match is found. This can be done with the letters too following the same format

Happy Reading!