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Welcome Back!

Hey everyone, welcome back to to school and welcome to Dearborn High School! My name is Mr. McCarter and I teach Biology here at DHS. Here on the iBlog I’ll be making posts about various things such as; reminders for tests, quizzes and homework, worksheets and answer keys, additional resources like PowerPoints and YouTube videos.

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Listed below are a couple of resources that I like to make available for parents:

Always feel free to reach out to my via my email:

Have a great day!

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Cell Cycle & Mitosis Resources

Hey guys below are links to some of the resources you’ll need to prepare for your quiz on Friday when we get back from break.

  1. Cell Cycle & Mitosis Reading & Questions LINK
  2. Cell Cycle Amoeba Sisters Video LINK
  3. Mitosis Amoeba Sisters Video LINK
  4. Additional Mitosis Phases YouTube Video LINK
  5. Chromosome Numbers During Cell Division LINK 
    1. This video is for students who are having a hard time understanding the difference between Chromosomes & Chromatids
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Non-Mendelian Inheritance Resources

Below are links to resources to help you understand Non-Mendelian Inheritance Patterns & some extra resources about Punnet Squares for people who need to review & practice. The first video is the video that is assigned for home work tonight. Make sure you watch it tonight. 

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