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Non-Mendelian Inheritance Resources

Below are links to resources to help you understand Non-Mendelian Inheritance Patterns & some extra resources about Punnet Squares for people who need to review & practice. The first video is the video that is assigned for home work tonight. Make sure you watch it tonight. 

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McCarter Stinks So Others Can Drink….. And Go To School

Greetings Fellow Humans,
This week I am participating in a Shower Strike to raise money to help provide access to clean water in Africa. You would be justified in asking the questions, “What does access to clean water have with going to school?” In many areas of Africa children, specifically young girls, are forced to miss school to travel long distances to haul water from remote, and often dirty, sources back to their villages. Specifically women and young girls spend about of 6 hours per day fetching water for use in their homes and villages. Also, it is common practice for schools in Africa to send children home if they are too dirty because they don’t have the water at home to bathe themselves regularly. This is a deplorable situation. Providing access to clean water in these communities increases the Education Rate by 38% overall and 58% for girls.
Well Aware is a non-profit organization that works with local communities in Africa to drill sustainable wells in Africa that is putting on this Shower Strike. Today is Match Day, which means that any donation you make will be matched by various companies around the world and more wells can be drilled. Donating today is a great way to increase the impact of your donation!
I am pretty stinky, as you can see in this picture, and my students would also really appreciate you donating so I can stop grossing them out with my armpit stench. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING ANY AMOUNT HOWEVER SMALL. If you donate $20 or more, I will have one of the well technicians bring you back some rock samples from one of the wells they drill this summer!
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Genetic Disorder Sign Up Sheets

Hey guys, below is a sign up sheet for each hour with a list of your options for Genetic Diseases to work with. The first page are the options for the Regular Level project, the second page in red text are the options for the Honors Level project. Type your name below the disease that you would like to work on. MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN UP IN THE CORRECT HOUR.

1st hour sign up sheet LINK

2nd hour sign up sheet LINK

4th hour sign up sheet LINK

5th hour sign up sheet LINK

6th Hour sign up sheet LINK


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Mendel Reading & Genetics Quizlet

Below is a link to the reading from class today. Use it to finish the handout that we started today if you did not finish in class. It needs to be completed by tomorrow.  We’re also going to be having a genetics Vocabulary quiz tomorrow. Below is a link to a Quizlet with your vocab words. These are mostly the same as the ones that you did your vocab boxes

Mendel’s Legacy Reading LINK

Mendel’s Legacy PAGE 177 LINK (sorry I messed up and left out pg 177 which is a very important page!)

Mendelian Genetics Quizlet LINK

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MASC Camping Trip Itinerary Document

Hey everyone, the trip is getting close! I went down to the Smoky Mountains over Spring Break to poke around and see where we’ll be going. I want to reiterate the importance of bringing warm layers. One of the nights I was there it dipped below freezing and there was a hard frost on my tent. It is possible that this could be the case while we’re there as well.

Below is a link to the document that I passed out at the meeting before break. Some people asked if I could post it here.



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