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Revised Final Exam Study Guide

Hey everyone, here is a revised final exam study guide for you to use as you prepare for the final. Be sure to go over all of your notes and activities from the semester as well as check for resources from previous blog posts.


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Test Corrections

Hey there everyone, so test corrections this week will be happening Friday after school in my room. No need to sign up. Just be there and I’ll get you hooked up.

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Study Resources for Ecosystems Quiz

Hey guys, so all of this stuff that I’m posting here has already been posted on past posts, but I wanted to put it all in one place for you so you don’t have to search around. The quiz will be over the 3 major Ecological models that we’ve covered so far: Food Chains, Food Webs, and Ecological Pyramids. Make sure that you can use and explain all of these models using the vocabulary that we’ve been covering.

Ecology PPT LINK (must be logged in to Dearborn Schools Google account to view)

Ecology YouTube Playlist LINK

Ecosystems Virtual Lab Reading LINK

Food Webs & Food Chains Wkst KEY LINK


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Energy Stations Lab Resources & Videos

Here are the materials for reviewing your Energy Stations handouts over the weekend. REMEMBER that you have to have sections I, II, and III COMPLETED for each lab station that you and your group members did by Monday. If you did not visit a station then you do not need to fill in that station on your handout. The directions for each section are listed below and a link to the Energy Stations Lab Handout that you filled out is HERE.

Complete for EACH Station you visited on your Energy Stations Handout:

I. Describe the procedure you followed at the station from beginning to end. Include an
accurate description of the items involved as well as actions performed. (Note: DO NOT
CONFUSE “What you did”/procedure with “What you saw.”)

II. Describe in detail what you observed during this event. (Note: DO NOT CONFUSE “What
you saw/observed” with “What you think is happening.”)

III. Describe the event, from beginning to end, in terms of “ENERGY.” Based on your
observations and prior knowledge, what conclusions can you draw concerning energy and
the events of this station?

Station Handout Procedures & Some Videos for Visual Assistance with Observations:

Burning Cheetos Handout LINK

Squeeze Flashlight Handout LINK

Rubbing Hands Handout LINK

Smashing Steel Spheres Handout LINK

Spring Toy Handout LINK

Astroblaster (basketball/tennis ball) LINK

Wind-up Toy Handout LINK

Pendulum From Your Nose Handout LINK


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Intro to Ecology Video, Homework & Ecology PPT Slides

Intro to Ecology Video

HERE is the link to the video from class today. If you were absent, then make sure that you take double entry notes and become familiar with all of the vocabulary that is discussed in the video =)

Disappearing Plants Conversation Homework

HERE is a link to the homework that is due tomorrow, Thursday 12/13. Read through the directions carefully and make sure that you include evidence in your statement explaining whether you agree or disagree with the comments made by the students in the conversation =)

Ecology PPT Slides

HERE is a link to some slides goin over the basic ideas of Ecology that we took double entry notes on in class today. These slides also have information that will be covered in the future and will be updates regularly… So keep checking them!

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