We just wanted to post today to say hello to everyone and we hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their summer as best they can! We’ve all been spending time at home and social distancing, and hopefully all our hard efforts and sacrifices will pay off sooner than later!

We just wanted to remind everyone that we do not have any definite information about the reopening of schools. The District is preparing for all options with committees meeting throughout the summer. However, there is not a definite plan as of yet and much of the district’s decision will be based on the state of our State, and what the Governor sets forth.

Once we know something we will definitely pass along the information through this blog.

You can always check on the District website, and since most of our students will be going to Miller Elementary it may be a good idea to check their website as well. If your child is not going to Miller, you should check with the website of the Elementary School he/she will be attending.

I wish we had information for you that would help you better prepare but we just don’t know the specifics at this point.

We will keep in touch and if you have other questions please do not hesitate to email myself or Mrs. Dara.

We are all in this together! Thank you!

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