Happy Wednesday!

Today we talked about human trafficking. Students read an article and used that information to fill in a thinking map. This was due at the end of the hour. We will be using this information for a Socratic Seminar discussion this Friday! I attached a copy of the article and the map below.

Good luck Falcon Track teams!!!!!

NEWSELA human trafficking (2)

Defining Thinking Map


Hello everyone!!!!

Today students finished up their quilt squares to show what they have learned about slavery. They drew a picture or 10 symbols that represent what they have learned. Then on the back, they wrote a paragraph describing their picture and how it relates to slavery.
If it was not completed in class it is HOMEWORK and due at the beginning of the hour tomorrow. I have attached a copy of the assignment, as well as the worksheet.

Quilt Square Directions

Quilt Square Sheet


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today we are continuing to learn about slavery in the United States. We are doing a stations activity in which students travel around the room learning about different aspects of slavery by analyzing pictures, graphs, and primary sources. I have attached a copy of the questions and each station. This is an in-class activity that we will finish up tomorrow or later in the week depending on the M-Step schedule

Student Qs

Reduced Southerner’s Defence

Slave Auction Documents

Slave Life Documents

Reduced Rebellion Document

Torture Document.


Happy Friday!!!!!!

It was great to see everyone who was able to make it to conferences yesterday! For those of you who were unable to make it, please feel free to call me at school or email me at manninc@dearbornschools.org, if you would like to talk or set up a time to meet.

Today students turned in the packets we had been working on the last two days. They also worked on and turned in a worksheet in which they summarized broken down sections of a primary source. I have attached a copy of that worksheet below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Slave Trade Source 3 Annotation


Hello everyone!!!

I hope you all had an amazing break. This week we started a new topic and are learning about Slavery. Today students worked an activity in which they analyzed maps, primary sources, and pictures in order to understand what it was like for slaves on the Atlantic Slave Trade. The first three pages must be done by tomorrow. If students could not finish these pages in class, it is HOMEWORK. Tomorrow we will finish the activity and go over the answers. I have attached a copy for anyone who needs it.


I hope you all can make it to parent-teacher conferences tomorrow. If you are unable to make it, I would love to speak with you over the phone or at another time. Please just let me know.

Atlantic Slave Trade Documents


Happy Wednesday.

Today we are finishing up our Reform Movement workshop. Students had been researching one of the 4 reform movements that were part of the Era of Reform. They wrote a paragraph about the cause of the movement, the goal, the result, and the leaders of the movement. Today they assessed their peers in a workshop activity.
Tomorrow we will start going over the information and reviewing for their quiz on Friday. I have attached a copy of the organizer that students will use to study. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ch.18 Organizer with answers


Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Today we worked on the Ch.15 study guide. Tomorrow we will have an in-class review before the quiz on Friday. I have attached a copy of the review with the answers. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ch. 15 Study Guide Key.


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Happy Friday!

Yesterday we filled in some notes about the Oregon Trail. I have attached a filled in copy for students who were absent or want to check their notes. This note sheet should go on page 31 in students Interactive Notebook.

Oregon Trail CN Key

Today we will be doing a simulation in order to understand what pioneers who traveled on the Oregon Trail went through. We will find out which teams in each class made the best decisions and made it to the Oregon Territory safely!!

Looking forward, on Monday I will be giving students a review for what we learned in Chapter 15. Depending on how prepared I feel students are, the quiz will be on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have an amazing weekend!!!!!


Happy hump day once again!

Today students created a thinking map to show what we learned about the causes and effects of Texas Independence. This should be put on page 30 of their Interactive Notebook. I have attached a copy of my map for students who were absent or want to check their map. We will talk about the influence and why this is important at the beginning of class tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Many students have already completed their word wall assignment for Ch.15 Vocabulary. If you have not, this is DUE TOMORROW!!!!

Texas Independence Thinking Map Key