Motor Planning Activities

Hands and knees activities works on increasing trunk and upper extremity stability and strength. Have your child complete the activity before beginning a fine motor task or to take a break.

If you don’t have stickers, have your child write or draw on the paper.

Make an obstacle course using objects and furniture at home. Have your child complete this activity before sitting down to complete school work or to take a movement break.  The obstacle will provide sensory input and help increase focus and attention. Show your child how to do the obstacle course before asking them to do it. Or provide physical support if they have trouble completing it. Supervise the child for safety.

Animal crawls is another great activity that provides sensory input and helps increase upper extremity strength and stability. Show your child how to do the animal crawl.

Different types of crawls

Bear walk

Crab walk 

Caterpillar walk 

Army crawl 

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