Playdough Activities

Play dough is a great tool to increase fine motor, visual motor, bilateral coordination, manipulation, and grasping skills. It also provides sensory input as the child touches the play dough. You can also complete these activities using home made dough if you don’t have play dough. Show you child how to complete the activities or exercises before asking them to do it. Provide physical assistance if they need help.

Activities to do with playdough. Use store bought or make some at home. 

Hand strengthening exercises, use playdough instead of TheraPutty. 

Click on the video below to watch a playdough activity to try at home. If your child is practicing drawing shapes or writing, have them draw shapes or write letters and numbers to squish with playdough balls. Your child can also work on shape/letter/number identification during the activity. For example, ask your child “Where is letter A? Squish letter A”. This will also help increase their visual attending and scanning skills.

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