Apr 19

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis is a fun activity for everyone! Material needed are: a balloon, tissue paper roll, paper plate, and tape. Tape the tissue paper roll to the back of the plate to make a “tennis racket”. Blow up the balloon with air and hit the balloon with the racket. Make a second one to play with a partner! Try to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible or throw it back and forth to a partner. Keep count of how many times you hit the balloon. If you child is working on grasping and reaching, provide your child physical assistance to hold the tissue paper roll and help them hit the balloon with small hits (avoid large and sudden movements).

Materials: Paper plate, tissue paper roll, and tape
Tape tissue paper roll on back of the plate

Skills addressed:

  • Upper extremity coordination
  • Upper extremity strength
  • Shoulder stability
  • Trunk control
  • Motor planning
  • Grasping and reaching
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Balance
  • Weight shifting