Dec 21

Chemistry Homework for the Break

During the break you must:

1)  Watch the short tutorials and take notes:


2) Use what you have learned to sketch  and color code your own periodic table (Use white construction paper).  Include labels or a key to identify the following: 

alkali metal, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, inner transition metals, noble gases and halogens

You do not have to draw a box for each element. Include elements 1-20 and the 1st element for each group of the transition metals.  

Dec 18

Chemistry Homework Dec. 18th

After what you read and discovered from peers today about isotopes; use the chart you created in order to create an answer to the following questions:

1.What is the same between these two atoms? What’s Different? What do you think we should call them?

2. How might this explain why atomic masses are not whole numbers?

Provide evidence and reasoning to support your claim for #2

Dec 18

Quadratic Equation Project

Hello all,

As part of your assessment from our Quadratics Unit, you are required to create a poster that describes the various parts of a quadratic and how you can use these parts to create a graph of the quadratic. Additionally, you are required to find examples of parabolas in everyday life.

Attached here is the project description and rubric, you received your equation in class: Quadratic Equation Project

I have also attached pictures of the list of assigned equations for each class.