2018 April Sat 14th KIDS’ MARTIAN RACE

Group Registration Instructions:


They will need to select “I am here to register as a group participant”

YOUR TEAM NAME: Lindbergh Elementary – Blue Wave 12:00 Start


Continue on with their registration. They must select team name and enter password. The kids’ race is already discounted to $15 (until March 1) so no coupon code is needed. If you would like to extend the invitation to your school community we are offering a school discount code. (See below for more details.)

SCHOOL CODE (10% off 5K, 10K, 13., 26K 1 or 26.2): SCHOOLGROUP18


Blue Care Network Martian Kid’s 1.2 Mile Race:

  • Group Price is $15 per child until March 1! Please note there are processing fees.
  • ALL GROUP ENTRIES ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE MARCH 1. Please try and remind the students to get signed up before then!
  • Updated Training Plans, Log Books and Paper Registration Forms can be found at the bottom of this page:
  • If you are offering paper registration to students, please make sure to let them know the price is $15 not regular rate of $19. Encourage online registration!


Martian 5K and longer!

Last year school groups made up over 6% of the total runners in the 5K and longer! Let’s see if we can get this up to 10%! We all know great habits start young! Also, it’s easier to commit to something when you have a good team alongside you!  Get those teachers, school staff, parents and family members moving in 2018!

  • Distribute SCHOOL CODE among school staff and school family members.
  • When you distribute, please make sure they know NOT TO SHARE with folks outside of your school community. If this discount code is abused, I will have to turn it off.
  • They will also need team name and password and should sign up as a group member.
  • You can use this for a group of older kids who have moved on past the 1.2 Mile race
  • Kids can run the 1.2 and a longer race but they will have to register for both

More info to come during January 2018 about registration for the race.

  • Ford Park Dearborn

  • Morley Ave. and Monroe St., Dearborn, MI 48124


Jump Rope for Heart (2017): Great Job Lindbergh! we raised over $8000, for the second time in 2 years.  Information about 2017 JRFH will happen in January 2017.untitled (7)

See below for every year Lindbergh has participated and the total amount raised.

Our school has raised more than $41,000 overall!! Amazing!!

School Year Total Raised
JRFH 2001-2002 $3,891.00
JRFH 2006-2007 $693.00
JRFH 2007-2008 $1,275.00
JRFH 2008-2009 $903.00
JRFH 2009-2010 $1,015.00
JRFH 2010-2011 $2,328.54
JRFH 2011-2012 $3,236.53
JRFH 2012-2013 $3,525.33
JRFH 2013-2014 $4,512.00
JRFH 2014-2015 $5,417.00
GRAND TOTAL $26,796.40



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