100 Lindbergh Martians Running, Sat April 14th

2018 Lindbergh Martians’ 1.2 mile Race

When: Sat, April 14 at 12 Noon (start time). Parking will be challenging, so please arrive at least 30 min prior.

Where: Ford Field Park, 22051 Cherry Hill St, Dearborn, MI 48124. You can also enter through Monroe St.

Cost: $25 online registration (includes t-shirt, number, medal, snacks at race). You can sign-up the day of the event at their registration table with a check 1 hour to 30 minutes before.


Please remember to register as part of a group, Lindbergh School, password is  flyers2017.

5K and 10K runners have to pickup their own packets. Mr. Murua will distribute the Kids’ 1.2 mile Martian Race members at school. Over 100 Lindbergh students have signed up for 10K, 5K, Kids Martian Races.

This a 1.2 mile race or walk/jog for kids K-5th Grades (adults can run with them, no need to register), through the park. Hundreds of kids from the metro area participate. Dearborn Schools’ students will start at NOON, including Lindbergh. The plan will be that I will pick-up the packets (shirts & number) a day or two before and hand them to registered students. We will meet at a designated spot for our school, given by the organizers, 1/2 hour before race start. Parents and Students that run the 5K and longer races will have to register as individuals (10% off 5K, 10K, 13.1 or 26.2) use coupon code:  SCHOOLGROUP18   , but can also run at noon with the rest of Lindbergh students. PLEASE NOTE, all other schools run with their school shirts during the race. Even though we get an event t-shirt, we would also like to show our Team Spirit and run with our Lindbergh Flyers shirts. Wearing Lindbergh shirts also helps with identifying Lindbergh students. On the back of the number tag, please fill-out emergency contact info for your child.

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