2017 Lindbergh CC Team Results

October 23, 2017, Cipriano Memorial CC Race.

4th grade girls: Amina M. finished in the top 10 and Lydia M. was in the top 15.

4th grade boys: won 2nd Place Team award. Faisal N. won first place, while Justin M. was 5th, Thomas W. finished 10th.

5th grade girls: Mia M. finished 9th and Jillian F. was in the top 15.

5th grade boys: won the Team trophy, 1st Place. Eddie M. won first place, Alec M. was 3rd and Julian L. was 4th

Congratulations to all the Lindbergh Flyers that endured the rain, hills, and mud for this 1mile race at Dearborn’s Ford Park.

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