Welcome to Mr. Murua’s 2017-18 PEiBlog

Welcome to my iblog about Lindbergh’s 2017-18 Physical Education class. In September and October, all students will be practicing dribbling, passing, shooting during soccer . 4th and 5th graders will also be working on fitness activites such the 13 and 15min runs. They will have a chance to represent Lindbergh at the Cipriano annual Cross Country Meet in October on Monday, October 23rd at Ford Park in Dearborn (Monroe Street entrance). Students will also have opportunities to show leadership skills during class and with after-school sports program. Thank you for visiting.


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  1. Hi just wondering if the runs are just for the older kids ? My son Dominic is in kindergarten and we know how important it is for the kids to be in shape and strong supporters of health and fitness. We just want to help set him up for success . Thank you

    • Hello, thank you for posting. The fitness tests are performed in 4th and 5th grades only. We do practice and test K-3 for motor skills, object control, and behavior during PE. Jogging, galloping, and skipping are assessed through out each marking period. We will participate as a school in April the Mini Martian 1 mile run and/or 5K for all students. Please visit my Report Card section for specific upcoming assessments. Thanks.

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