Hello my friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I sure am!  The weather is FINALLY feeling like summer!  I spent last week up north at our cottage and it was amazing!  I’ve been doing a lot of summer reading!  I love having time to just sit and read!  I hope my first graders (00ps…second graders) are reading lots of great books too!  Those of you who purchased the summer workbook, I hope that is going well.  Remember to do just a few pages a day!  Zearn and Epicbooks can be accessed throughout the summer too!

I just wanted to give you my address in case some of my little munchkins wanted to write me a letter.  I would love to hear what you are doing during the summer!  Maybe if you take a special trip, you can send me a postcard! That would be so awesome!  I promise to write you back!!!

Mrs. Lippert

23438 Parke Ln.

Grosse Ile, MI 48138

As promised, I have created a Shutterfly account just for you and all of the 400+ pictures I have uploaded from the school year.  If you are asked to log in, here is the info:

Email: lindalippert22@gmail.com

Password: howard

Here’s the link:


I will keep this link open until August 15th.  Then I will change the password.  Take your time and look through the pictures.  You can download them to your computer by right clicking on the picture.  I hope you enjoy reliving our year together! Please give your precious one a big hug and kiss from me!  I sure do miss each and every one of them!

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