Oct 23

Homework Assignment, Due October 24th

1. In your own words, write a definition for the following terms: chemical property and chemical change.

2. Rusting is an example of a

a. physical property

b. physical change

c. chemical property

d. chemical change

3. Which of the following is a characteristic property

a. density

b. chemical reactivity

c. solubility in water

d. all of the above

4. Write two examples of chemical properties and explain what they are

5. The Statue of Liberty was originally a copper color.  After being exposed to air, she turned a greenish color.  What kind of change happened? Explain your answer.

6. Explain how to tell the difference between a physical and chemical property.

Oct 18

Homework for October 18th, Due Monday

1. Use each of the following terms in a separate sentence: physical property and physical change

2.  The units of density for a piece of rectangular wood are:

a) grams per millileter

b) Cubic centimeters

c) kilograms per liter

d) grams per cubic centimeters

3. Explain why a golf ball is heavier than a ping pong ball even thought he sizes are the same.

4.  Describe what happens to a substance when it goes through a physical change

5. Identify six examples of physical properties.

6. List six physical changes that matter can go through.



Sep 30

Homework for Tuesday, October 1st

1.  Use the following terms in the same sentences: volume and meniscus

2.  In your own words, write a definition for the following terms: mass, weight, inertia

7.  Explain the relationship between mass and inertia

8.  A gold nugget is placed in a graduated cylinder containing 80 ml of water.  The water level rises to 225 ml.  What is the volume of the gold nugget?