Oct 04

Today in AVID…(10/4)

In Class…

  • 7th – We set goals for the final month of CM 1
  • 8th – We looked into the difference between active and passive voice


  • 7th – Complete your GPA Goals page on google classroom.

Coming Up…

  • Binder check – 10/5
  • Half Day – 10/12
Sep 25

Today in AVID…(9/25)

In Class…

  • 7th- We used socratic seminars to create positive dialogue
  • 8th – We continued working on our views of multiple intelligences


  • 7th – None
  • 8th – Complete your One Pager – Use the post below for more info

Coming Up…

  • Circle it Up Wednesdays – 9/26
  • Picture Day – 10/2
Sep 25

8th Grade One Pager Instructions

Your One-Pager on Multiple Intelligences must include…

  • A title in the center of your page
  • Three career types for that intelligence
  • Three characteristics of the intelligence
  • Three pictures that represent your intelligence
  • a decorated boarder
  • The sentence stem: “I learn by…”

Use the links for help:


Multiple Intelligences


Sep 24

Today in AVID…(9/24)


In Class…

7th – We finished our flow maps on The History of Ice Cream

8th – We looked into multiple intelligences and how it affects our learning


7th – Complete your “If I Ruled The School” worksheet

8th – Take the online survey and complete today’s questions on multiple intelligences

Coming Up…

9/26 – Circle It Up Wednesdays

10/2 – Picture Day