PLEASE READ… Regarding School Closures from 3/13-4/13

Good Morning,

Due to school closures, please do the following things to make sure you are ready for our return on April 13th.

STUDENTS: Please check your school emails regularly. ANY WORK THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE ASSIGNED WILL BE FOUND ON THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM WEBSITE. Your email automatically sends you updates for any google classroom assignments or news that may be posted.

PARENTS: Please make sure your email address is linked to your child’s google classroom page. This will allow you to track any work that may be done at this time. Please send me your preferred email to and I will make sure you are linked.

Any further news or updates will be posted to google classroom as well as sent to your email.

THANK YOU! If you have any further questions please let me know.

Mr. Liggett

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