Apr 20

UPDATE 4/20: Please Read

Good Morning,

This is a reminder that all content and information needed for Mr. Liggett’s classes can be found on the google website. Assignments, beginning this week will count towards our final card marking grade.

Please be sure to watch my weekly video updates to stay informed on what you can do to succeed in my class.

As always, any questions or concerns can be sent to my school email address.

Thank You!

Mar 13

PLEASE READ… Regarding School Closures from 3/13-4/13

Good Morning,

Due to school closures, please do the following things to make sure you are ready for our return on April 13th.

STUDENTS: Please check your school emails regularly. ANY WORK THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE ASSIGNED WILL BE FOUND ON THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM WEBSITE. Your email automatically sends you updates for any google classroom assignments or news that may be posted.

PARENTS: Please make sure your email address is linked to your child’s google classroom page. This will allow you to track any work that may be done at this time. Please send me your preferred email to liggetj@dearbornschools.org and I will make sure you are linked.

Any further news or updates will be posted to google classroom as well as sent to your email.

THANK YOU! If you have any further questions please let me know.

Mr. Liggett

Nov 07

Today in AVID…(11/7)

In Class…

  • 8th – We presented on test taking strategies
  • 7th – We practiced our speaking skills in small groups


  • 8th – Complete your google classroom assignment and fill our your study group form for tomorrow.
  • 7th – Study for your Public Speaking Vocab Quiz

Coming Up…

  • 11/8 – 7th Grade Vocab Quiz
  • 11/9 – Binder Check
  • 11/12, 11/14 – Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct 16

Today in AVID…(10/16)

In Class…

  • 7th – We looked into Costa’s Levels of Thinking
  • 8th- We concluded our conversation on the essay prompt article using philosophical chairs


  • 7th – Complete your mini posters on your assigned word
  • 8th – Complete your reflection assignment on google classroom

Coming Up…

  • 10/17 – Late Start
  • 10/19- Binder Check
Oct 12

Today in AVID…(10/12)

In Class…

  • 7th – We tested our Life-Saver Go Karts
  • 8th – We took a closer look at our essay text


  • 7th – Please complete the google classroom debrief on our project
  • 8th – Please complete your text annotations before class on Monday.

Coming Up…

  • Binder Check – 10/19