Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful break and a Happy New Year.

Is your child spending the break driving you CRAZY?  Lol, keep them busy.  Try some of the suggestions below:    (Besides having your child practice writing their first/last name.)

  1. Look through an ABC book with them…have them name as many letters as they can.  Practice naming the ones they can’t remember.
  2. Practice counting out loud from 1-10 or 1-20 or 1-30 (depending on what number your child can count to by themselves).
  3. Use measuring cups/spoons and have your child put them in order from largest to smallest.
  4. Walk around the house and count how many windows, beds, pillows, doors, spoons/forks you have.
  5. Write numbers 1-10 on paper and draw pictures to represent the amount of each number.
  6. Have your child help you with household chores: sorting laundry into piles by colors (sorting by color), folding towels (shape identification), setting the table for dinner (counting)…it’s getting stuff done at home and learning all in one!
  7. Spray shaving cream on a cookie sheet and practice writing numbers in the shaving cream (messy, but SUPER fun)!
  8. Go for a walk. Make tally marks for the cars that pass you. Count the total.

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