LA 5

The semester is almost over so here is my best advice for seeing the change you want to see in your grade.

  1. ┬áComplete the last two lit. circle assignments in Google Classroom. They are due Friday. (You had all of winter break to do them so don’t be looking at me like that.) Teacher Tip: Actually read the directions and take a shot at writing something that shows a bit more thinking than what I’ve been reading from most of you.

  2. Finish your lit. circle book by Monday so you’re prepared to create an amazing project on it because that’s what we’re working on the week we return from break. If you haven’t read your lit. circle book, it’ll be tough to score a 3 or 4 on the project…and based on the responses I’ve read, many of you haven’t read your books yet.

  3. Get your second SSR book finished as soon as possible and get your second Book Bingo turned in. It’s due next Friday in Google Classroom.


And that’s it, folks.

-Your journals are already turned in and those grades will be in soon.

-You can’t really study for the final exam since it’s an SAT-style test with passages and questions.

-There isn’t time to get any more late assessments completed and graded.

-And there is no extra credit. So please don’t ask.


If you’re confused about what you’re seeing in Student Connect, just remember that practices have the word “practice” in the name and all practice grades have now been dropped and do not count as part of your grade.

All assessments that were not completed or made up have now been marked with a zero and count as zeros as part of your grade.

The big task for me is still to come! Remember that a large part of standards-based grading is showing improvement and not being penalized in your grade for assignments you completed while learning skills. This is why all practices are dropped from your grade. I will be going through your assessment grades for each standard to determine your level of mastery. For example, if there were several assessments for one standard and you received scores of 3 on most of the assessments but you were absent for one and never made it up, I drop the zero because you demonstrated that you have mastered a level of 3 on that particular standard.

So you focus on the list of three things above and I will focus on determining your level of mastery for each standard. Then it’s on to LA 6!


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