Newsletter for the Week of January 18 – 21, 2022

During Media Center with Mrs. Lorenze, the kids learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. We added to that learning on Friday. Hopefully, today you will have a moment to reflect on Dr. King’s life and teachings.

This is the last week of the second quarter. I will be posting the report cards on Friday.

Class Representative

The students, who were running for the class representative, did a lovely job speaking in front of their peers. The class privately voted and cast their ballots. I would like to extend a great, big congratulations to Jenna Fayad.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Friday, January 21 – 1/2 day of school – Release time 12:05 – It is also the last day of the second quarter.
  • Monday, January 24 – 1/2 day of school – Release time 12:05 (Teachers have professional development.)


We are starting the last week of Unit 4. Unit 4, we are learning about the narrator of stories. We are also discussing the lesson to be learned from the stories.


With guidance, we finished our first opinion piece. We used a R.A.C.E.R. graphic organizer. R, for restating the question. A, for answer the question by stating your opinion. C, for citing your reason from the text. E, for elaborate or give more evidence. R, for restating your opinion or answer. This graphic organizer is used all of the way through 5th grade.

We will write another opinion piece this week using the R.A.C.E.R. graphic organizer. This time the class will apply what we learned last week about opinions.


This week, the words will have 3 letter blends. These are a bit tricky.

  1. split
  2. splash
  3. strap
  4. stretch
  5. sprint
  6. spring
  7. squint
  8. squid
  9. when
  10. from
  11. their
  12. because


This Subtraction Unit is broken into small groups of concepts and short quizzes. We have two short quizzes this week.


We will be learning about the Earth and space systems for a while.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Korte