Week of November 29th -December 3rd, 2021

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

We have 3 weeks of school before winter break. It will be a busy 3 weeks.

Can you believe that we have snow? For 24 years, first grade has asked for first graders to have boots and snow pants to be able to play in the snow. The boots keep our feet dry and clean. The snow pants keep our clothes dry and clean. I don’t know if we will have any snow tomorrow, but it is officially boot season.

It is officially Boot Season

Please make sure your first grader wears boots to school and has a pair of inside shoes for the classroom.

The kids are doing a great job taking off their outside shoes, lining them up along the wall, and putting on their spare “inside shoes” for class. We no longer have mud and dirt in the classroom. If you haven’t sent a spare pair of gym shoes, crocs, slides, or hard-soled slippers yet, please do so.

We have P.E. on Monday and Wednesday, so gym shoes would help on those days.

Thank you for understanding and helping.

Winter Celebration and Fuzzy Sock Gift Exchange

The first grade teachers are planning for our Winter Celebration. We don’t have a date or any details yet, but I am crossing my fingers for a pajama breakfast party. I will share more as soon as I have a chance to discuss more with Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Szalai.

We would like to have a fuzzy sock exchange at our Winter Celebration. I would prefer non-gender-specific socks so that we can just pick randomly at our Celebration. I guess I am asking that your first grader picks a pair of fuzzy socks, wrap them with your first grader, and have your child fill out a tag with just their name. Not to anyone specific.

Here are some photos of fuzzy socks.

I am going to be reading different variations of The Gingerbread Man. We will compare and contrast them, but mainly it is for fun. I hope you are ok with that.


These can be found in the yellow folder on Schoology.

List 8 – S Blend words and high frequency words.

  • skin
  • skip
  • skill
  • smell
  • smug
  • smock
  • swell
  • swim
  • was
  • there
  • then
  • out

ELA – Reading and Writing

We will start Week 2 of Unit 3. The theme: What is a good citizen?

We will continue to work on annotating our reading and building our comprehension skills.

We will also continue to work on writing. Currently, we are working on a single paragraph that stays on topic and provides details. I model sentence starters for their writing. Our writing goal, by the end of the year, is to independently write a solid paragraph. Small steps right now.


We are officially starting Module 2. The focus is still addition and algebraic thinking. Now we will be putting together 3 addends together. This week we will be making a 10 with 2 of the addends.

Social Studies

We will move on to fairness. What is a fair rule? Can rules be different for family members who are older or younger? For example, a bedtime. My daughter had an earlier bedtime than her older “high school” age brother and sister. I will be using that as an example for the students.

Thank you for being my partner in teaching.

Mrs. Korte

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