April 3

Spring Break

Our District Spring Break officially begins today! I will not be answering emails or checking Google Classroom until Monday, April 13. We are unsure if Dearborn will have a Learning Plan in place completely at that time, but I will post any information that I have.

I hope you all are able to enjoy time with your families. Stay safe and healthy, and I will be back in touch April 13 – 14.

Miss Knaus

April 2

Thursday, April 2

Hello everyone – parents and students. I just watched as Governor Whitmer has shut down schools for the rest of this school year. With that, Dearborn will now have to provide us with some type of on- line instruction with guidelines. I do not know what this will involve yet. I’m sure over the next week, as we are in “Spring Break” this will become more clear to all of us.

Our main source of communication will continue to be this blog. As I find out what we will be required to do or what will be “suggested” I ask that you always look here first as we move forward. This is going to be challenging – to say the least. We will not have math “books” and reading “books” and some of you don’t have printers for me to send things, so I will wait for what announcements come before I post any more assignments.

As some of you have commented, Google Classroom looks very overwhelming – with the list of assignments growing. I have left everything on there since March 13 – as I do not know what I have to “show” to Ms. Tiba or the District. Ms. Tiba is on our Google Classroom – and can see what we are doing. Again, I need to wait for further instructions before I remove any older assignments.

I thank many parents for your support and encouraging emails (and some great photos of your kids – working or playing!) I know this is a very difficult time for all of us. I am especially saddened, as many of you know this is my last year teaching, and I felt like I didn’t get to say a proper good-bye. I miss everyone – my students and my fellow teachers.

Feel free to have students do any of the assignments that are already on GC and I will check and return everything. If I hear anything new before this weekend, I will post. If not, I hope everyone enjoys a week off April 6 – 13! Get outside, get some fresh air.

Please check back here April 14 – as was our designated day to return.

Thank you. Stay safe and healthy,

Miss Knaus

April 1


This week, one of our assignments for reading is an article from Readworks. A School Trip to the Aquarium. Please read the story and answer the questions. Please use evidence and words directly from the text. Some of you are still “making up” your own answers. I had to send a few back to be redone – you must get 80%.

Parents – on the report card, a large part of Informational Reading comes from this site. Each week in class, I put a “menu” of assignments to do. Each day, I post the readworks articles that go along with our Science or Social Studies’ topics. I choose articles at their level (sometimes separate for 3rd graders and 4th graders) and topics that we are studying. It might be a topic like “Government” or it might be a skill like compare/contrast. Students are to work on these during our Daily 5 time. I let them know if I had to send it back to redo. For this cardmarking, we had 12 assignments from Readworks. I took the top 5 scores to use for the report card. For some students, their grade was still low because they did not resubmit the story or even do it in the first place – even though it was posted every day in class. You will find comments on the report card if this was the situation. When we were in class, this was not a “choice,” these were assignments to be turned in.

That being said, these students passed this assignment on A School Trip to the Aquarium: Sedra, Kash, Ava, Huissen, Julia, Kareem, Nadine, Aya, Zachary, and Jack. Good job! If you turned it in and do not see your name, please go back to readworks and redo. Thank you!

March 31

April 1! April Fools Day!

No Work Today!

haha April Fools! Next week is Spring Break – not today.

Today, we find out who our Egg Monster Criminal is! Find Clue #5 under Tale Town Eggpocalypse. Who will it be?

Mrs. Poisson put a mystery on Google Classroom also – Guess the Mystery Animal. Look at the photo she put on and the questions. She also included a link that you can guess more animals with just a tiny picture. See how many you can get correct.

I love Aya’s alligator! Don’t forget to go to Art, Gym, and Music this week and look at their assignments. How many of you are dancing with Mr. Harvey?

Math – 3rd Grade – please find directions and 2 videos for Lesson 8 under 3rd Grade Math.

Math 4th Grade – so far I have received End of Module 4 Assessments from Mahdi, Jack, Aya, Kareem, and Huissen is working on it. The directions and copy of the assessment are under 4th Grade Math, March 30. You can print out the papers and send me pictures, or write them on paper. Please read the directions, because you can skip some of the questions.

Readworks – everyone – Please go to readworks.org and read the story about going to an aquarium. I will be putting reading group questions on Google Classroom tomorrow or Thursday.

March 31

Reading, March 31

Whole class – both grades – please go to www.readworks.org and read the story called A School Trip to the Aquarium. Answer the questions – carefully. Remember, you must get 80% or higher, or I will send it back to redo. Use the story to help you with the answers. Then, go to Google Classroom and look under READING. I put a video there of a real field trip to the Georgia Aquarium, which looks awesome!

March 31

Tuesday Special Teachers!

Hello everyone, your wonderful special teachers have put new, exciting assignments for you on Google Classroom.

1. Art – Mr. Goecke shares some pictures of artwork inspired by….alligators? Read about this artist, then see if you can make an alligator – share a picture with me by emailing and I will put it here on the blog!

2. Music – Mrs. Baloga put a new lesson for you to go to – musicplayonline. She also included your class code and password so you can enjoy this music lesson.

3. Gym (P.E.) – Mr. Harvey made an interactive slide show for you to get some exercise – by dancing! Can you do the Super Mario? How about the Wakka Wakka or the Eye of the Tiger? There is also a video for you to watch about why we sweat.

Have some fun today – you decide if you want to go to Art, Music, or Gym! Or maybe you want to visit all 3!

March 30

Tuesday, March 31

Today I am assigning some reading in Social Studies for each grade. Please go to Google Classroom and look under Social Studies – and your grade. The 3rd grade book is called Michigan Studies. It is on Google Classroom. The 4th grade book is just called Social Studies Book. In the directions on Google Classroom, I wrote what pages to read. Also try the Interactives that are on those pages! They have important information! I will be sending questions to answer on Wednesday.

Also find Clue #4 in our Tale Town Mystery. It is about cause and effect.

Don’t forget I assigned some spelling activities on Monday and Math for both grades.

Look at the Fun Stuff! Some of you are in there! See if you can find yourself.

Check back on the blog later today. I will be putting some reading questions for each group.