4th Grade Feb. 10 – 14

Spelling: presentation, adaptation, direction, collection, reaction, communication, disruption, petition, vacation, location, chocolate, friends, heart, cupid, Valentine

Social Studies: What Powers does our Government have? What powers does the Federal Gov have and what powers are reserved for States. (We will be meeting Dearborn’s Representative, Abdullah Hammoud, and our Wayne County Senator, Sylvia Santana on Monday. We will also be meeting Michigan Representative, Debbie Dingell!!)


Lessons 29 – 33 cover four digit division with divisors of 2,3,4, and 5 with remainders. Solving division problems with a zero in the quotient. Using division to solve word problems.

A study guide will be going home the week of Feb. 17. We will be having our End of Module Assessment Feb. 28.

I am noticing that many students are not keeping up with Zearn. They should be on Lesson 29 at least. Again, this program greatly helps students with Math in class. I notice a BIG difference in grades and understanding by students who are keeping up.

3rd Grade Feb. 10 – 14

Spelling words: hire, earth, learn, retire, early, fire, heard, earn, tire, bear, national, state, local, levels, country

Social Studies: How are State Government differs from our Local Government. (We will be meeting Dearborn’s Representative, Abdullah Hammoud and our Senator from Wayne County – Sylvia Santana on Monday!)


Lessons 8 – 12 cover the function of parentheses in multiplication, using the associative property and using the distributive property as a strategy to solve multiplication problems with units of 8 and 9.

Lansing – March 3

A reminder that permission slips and $10.00 for our Lansing trip is due by this Thursday, Feb. 13. I am able to bring 5 parent chaperones. If there are more than 5 volunteers, I will be pulling names from a hat. Chaperones will ride the bus with us and must be willing to be responsible for a group of students for the day. Please refer to the permission slip for details.

Friday, Feb. 14

On Friday, we will be having a card and candy exchange in class. I will provide bags for students to bring their cards home. Students may bring in Valentine’s cards to pass and/or an easy-to-pass candy, stickers, pencils, or erasers. Nothing fancy please. We do not need any volunteers.

Lindbergh Spirit Week

This week, we will be celebrating our Lindbergh Spirit – beginning with Monday – Our Official National Blue Ribbon School celebration! We will be having an assembly with distinguished guests from our city and state!

Students are encouraged to wear their new BLUE RIBBON Lindbergh shirts. If you don’t have one, please wear BLUE!

Tuesday – Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday – Blue Snack Day!

Thursday – Blue hat or Blue hair day

Friday – We Love (heart) Lindbergh – wear Lindbergh shirts or something red or pink for Valentine’s Day.

3rd Grade Jan. 27 – 31

Monday morning we will be attending the Native American Presentation – learning about the tribes in Michigan through artifacts and stories.

Spelling: there, their, they’re, where, wear, bored, board, plane, plain, flour, flower, some, sum, our, are

Math: Monday – Math study guides are due. We will be spending our Math time going over the review – answering questions and getting ready for Tuesday’s test.

Tuesday: Module 2 Test

Wed: Begin Module 3 – Multiplication with facts of 6,7,8, and 9.

Lesson 1 – Facts of 6,7,8,9

Lesson 2 and 3 – Multiplication with factors using a letter to represent the unknown: 6 x n = 24.

Social Studies: How the Government of Michigan is set up – the 3 branches and their jobs. Who are our representatives?

4th grade Jan. 27 – 31

Spelling words: channel, pixel, chapel, flannel, panel, tunnel, vessel, snorkel, travel, unravel, factor, product, multiple, pair, prime

Math: Lesson 23 – Division and the associative property

24 – Determine if a whole number is a multiple of another number

25 – Explore properties of prime and composite numbers to 100 by using multiples

26 – Divide multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 by single digit numbers.

We will be taking a quiz on Wednesday that covers the essential standards in Module 3 so far.

Social Studies: Our Federal Government is a Republic and a Constitutional Government. We will be learning about the jobs of the 3 branches of Federal Government.

Important note from Office

Dear Parents, When calling in absences and leaving messages, please make sure to give the first and last names of students, teacher, date and reason of absence and phone number to call back if we have questions. Repeat name of student at the end. Thank you! 
Pina Prather
Administrative Assistant Lindbergh Elementary School
(313) 827-6302

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 

~Carl Buehner