Thursday Assembly!!

We are celebrating our Leader In Me Lighthouse status on Thursday.  All students please bring in a

flashlight for the assembly!  Maybe put your name on a piece of tape or sticker on it.

Week of May 28 – May 31

***This week all library books are due.  Students will receive a notice if they have an overdue book.

Math test Friday – Module Five.  Students will bring home a study guide on Tuesday.  Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday, they should do a bit of it along with their homework.  We will review the whole thing on Thursday.

This week we will finish up the Module on Fractions – Multiplying a whole number by a mixed number and multiplying a mixed number by a mixed number.  We will be practicing many word problems in class – as there are quite a few on the test.  Please practice the word problems in the homework assigned.

Zearn goes up to Lesson 40.

ELA – Spelling Contractions – please find the words on

We continue reading our novels in groups.  Students work on questions each day.  I will also be testing students individually this week using the DRA reading assessment.

Science – We will finish up discussing the brain.

Social Studies – Exploring Economics – We will be learning about a market economy  – producers, consumers, supply, demand, profit, and competition.

May 20 – 23

Monday, May 20 –  Choir visits Nursing Home 10:00a.m. – 2:30

Gym 8:50

***Monday is our last day to check out books from the Library.  Please make sure all books are found and turned in or fines paid for missing books.

***No school Friday and Monday – Memorial Day!

ELA:  No spelling words this week.  Test from last week will be on Tuesday.

Reading novels

Writing – Public Issue – Do video games have positive or negative effects on our brains?


Lesson 34 – Subtracting mixed numbers.

Tuesday – quiz on adding and subtracting fractions using number lines.

Lesson 35 and 36 – Represent the multiplication of n times a/b as (nxa) / b using the associative property and visual models.

SCIENCE:  The brain – We will be learning about nerves, reflexes, and the functions of the brain.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Test on Rights and Responsibilities on Monday.  Part of the test is written, and the other half is multiple choice on the computer.  Choir students will complete when they return in the afternoon.

New Unit – Economics

NWEA testing this week – Language Arts and Science – these will be given Monday, Wed., and Thurs.

We have to be done this week.  I will be absent on Tuesday.

Enjoy the long Holiday Weekend!

NWEA Testing Begins!

Our 3rd and Final NWEA testing will begin this week.

We will be doing Reading on Wednesday, May 15.

Math will be on either Thursday, May 16 or Friday, May 17.

We will write in our Planners the night before each as a reminder.

We will continue into the following week with Science and Language Arts.

Our Learning – May 13 – 17

This week:


Please find new spelling words on the website:

We are reading some awesome novels: Maniac Magee, Stuart Little, P.S. Longer, Letter, Later, and Gulliver’s Stories.  We read together in groups, read with partners, and work on comprehension questions daily in our Café Folders.

Writing – We are writing about Public Issues in Social Studies.  Last week we wrote about School Uniforms?  Yes or No.


Lesson 30 – Add a mixed number and a fraction

Lesson 31 – Add mixed numbers

32 – Subtract a fraction from a mixed number

33 – Subtract a mixed number from a mixed number

34 – Subtract mixed numbers

Please remember to have students practice on and keep up with the lesson we are on.  Also, embarconline has videos, quizzes, and homework solutions.


Last week: The eye!  This week:  The brain!  Students will explore the brain’s role in receiving information from the senses, processing that information, and controlling the muscles to enable movement.


We will be wrapping up Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens this week.  I will be sending home a study guide for a test.  Test will be next Monday, May 20.

Another thank you…

Thank you to everyone – staff, parents, and students, who offered kind words and thoughts to me last week.  As you know, I was absent the first day that M Step was to begin. The night before I had to rush my dog to emergency, and she lost her battle with old age, arthritis, and probably cancer the following day.  Kona was 1 month shy of 13 years old!  She helped me grade a lot of papers and writing!  She loved laying on my piles of schoolwork.  She was my constant companion.


I would like to thank everyone who contributed and was involved with last week’s Teacher Appreciation Week!  The students wore purple and Lion’s shirts and Tiger’s shirts!  Thank you for all the lovely gifts and gift cards!  Thank you for all the beautiful flowers.  I would also like to thank Mrs. Haidar and Mr. and Mrs. LeFranc for coming in and bravely watching the class through lunch recess while I enjoyed the Teacher luncheon!  Much appreciated!  I feel very lucky and blessed to work in a school that has such wonderful parent support.  Thank you for everything!

Week of April 29 – May 3

This week:

First Class Lesson and Assembly Wednesday – Synergize – Habit 6.

***Tuesday and Wednesday a.m. – 4th grade M-Step begins.  We will be doing ELA both mornings.  Thursday will be used as a make-up day for any students who are absent or not finished.  Please get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast.  Please discuss with your child about taking their time on the tests and trying their best.  Rushing is not a good idea.  It is not important to be the first person done!

Next week will be the Math on Tuesday and Wednesday.

NWEA testing will begin the week of May 13.  I will post the days and tests as we get closer.

READING this week:

www.spellingcity – more suffixes.

Reading groups/novels


Lesson 24 Decompose and compose fractions greater than 1 to express them in various forms

Lesson 25 – same as above

Lesson 26 Compare fractions greater than 1 by reasoning using benchmark fractions

Lesson 27 Compare fractions greater than 1 by creating common numerators or denominators

***I am putting all students onto Module 4 in zearn to review measurement for the M Step.  Please work on this site at home – as well as we will in school.

SCIENCE – The Human Maching – What do people who are blind see?  Eyes and vision.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We continue learning about the Bill of Rights and the Responsibilities of Citizens.

Our Learning – April 22 – 26

***Math – Mid Module Assessment will be Tuesday.  We will be reviewing Monday.  Students are to bring completed study guide on Monday.


Lesson 22 – Add a fraction less than 1 to, or subtract a fraction less than 1 from, a whole number using decomposition and visual models.

Lesson 23 – Add and multiply unit fractions to build fractions greater than 1 using visual models.

Lesson 24 and 25  – Decompose and compose fractions greater than 1 to express them in various forms.

ELA: Spelling – test from last week is Monday.  New words on

Reading in our novels/reading groups.

Writing – We will be writing Opinion Pieces using public issues from Social Studies.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens – exploring public issues

SCIENCE – The Human Machine – Muscles and Skeleton

4th Grade Concert

The concert was wonderful, and everyone looked so nice!

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