This Week:

Finish NWEA Reading.  Many students finished last week.  We are done with Math!

This week:  NWEA Science

Spelling – Irregular plurals and homophones –

Reading – We will be reading new Science Animal books to learn about informational text features.

Reading – Our novels – questions to go with novels.

Math – Monday – we will go through the Mid Module Review from Embarc – it looks exactly like the test except different numbers!

Monday –  Homework Lesson 12 will be assigned.  Monday – Lesson 13 will also be done in class.

Tuesday – Lesson 13 Homework.

Wed – Mid Module 3 Assessment.      *****Many students are not going onto  This site is for Eureka Math and matches

up to the lessons.  Please use at home!

Social Studies – Test on Monday – Human Geography.  Part of the test is written and part on the computer.  Students

have had the study guide for 1 week now and we have been reviewing in class.

Science – Finishing up our Energy Unit.

End of card-marking 2  is Friday.  Report cards will come home next week.



I wanted to clarify some key questions as we kickoff this years Kids Heart Challenge.  Students can collect donations one of two ways; registering online with the app or with the purple envelope that went home yesterday with the students.
Because of the overwhelming response, I ask that students only turn in their envelope when they are finished collecting donations on their PE days.  This way, I can assure that each student has received the necessary prizes they have earned and thank them for their assistance in helping out with this amazing program. If a student has loose money, I ask that they keep it in their Kids Heart Challenge envelope until they are finished collecting and ready to turn it all in.  The deadline for the donations is Friday, February 15th.  If you need extra envelopes, let me know!
Additionally, I encourage all students to register online for their free glow in the dark wristband and your chance at a $25 gift card and a free PE day! I am tracking the progress of the registered students in the gym so you don’t have one more item on your plate.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  As always, thank you for your patience and support,

In the previous blog, Mr. Harvey included the link to our Lindbergh Kids Heart Challenge.  He is also adding a Classroom Contest – the class with the most students registered wins Extra Gym time with Mr. Harvey, a Recess Kit from the Heart Association, and a $25 gift certificate to buy recess items!!!  You do not have to donate money to register.  You can, but you don’t have to.  Just follow the link – students must have parent permission – then register.  We are currently tied for 2nd place!  I’m not sure who wants to win this more – the students or the teachers!!!

Thank you for your support.


Dear Lindbergh Flyers Family,

I am very excited to kickoff our Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart).  Information about the event will be passed out to students this week regarding ways to support the American Heart Association (non-profit) with a wonderful fundraiser opportunity to give back and provide assistance for lifesaving research.  Additionally, a one page flyer will also be distributed in Arabic for our families regarding the event. You can lead the way by registering and taking the challenge! Here is the link our schools web page to register and more information. Thank you for your continued support!

We will have our Module 3 Mid-Module Assessment on Wed., Jan. 16.  Please find on Embarc Online, a study guide to print out and work on at home.  Students can bring this in on Monday and ask questions.

Click on Grade 4, then Module 3, then scroll down just past Lesson 13.  Click on the link to the study guide.  We looked at it today in class.

It looks EXACTLY like the test, just different numbers.  It looks long (5 pages) but there is a lot of space for students to show their work.  Students will have the choice of multiplying by either partial products OR standard algorithm.

Thank you,

J. Knaus

Welcome back to school – Happy 2019!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone for so many wonderful gifts, gift cards, and yummy treats!  Thank you also to our Room Moms who put together our classroom party and for all the volunteers who helped.

We have a very busy January – so please keep an eye on Lindbergh’s Calendar – and the District Calendar.

Our NWEA testing for January begins this week.  I would like to do the Reading and Math this week, (not  Monday), then

Science and Language Arts next week.

Our 2nd card-marking is done on January 18, so we will be having a Social Studies test – Human Geography and a Math Mid Module test next week.  Study guides for Social Studies will be coming home.  Please use the Embarc Online site and Zearn to help with Math.  Students can also do the problems that we “skip” in class for practice.

Students will be bringing home a file folder with their Opinion Writing Assessment inside.  This was done December 21. The grades on the folder will be on their Report Card.

***I have spoken to some students about getting parent signatures for Homework in their Planners.  This is to be done every night.  It is the best way for me to know that parents are seeing homework and knowing what we are doing in class.  When I hear parents say, “I never see homework,” it is because they are not signing the Planner.  I will be moving clips of students who are continually forgetting – as this is Responsibility  on our behavior matrix.

This week:

ELA – Reading our novels, discussing informational text features, NWEA Reading

Spelling – Due to the excitement of our party, I FORGOT to give the spelling test before break, so we will have the same words this week.  Please see

MATH – Module 3, Lessons 9, 10, and 11 are all multiplying 3- and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit using the standard algorithm.  We have been using partial products and area models, but those will eventually disappear as we just use the standard algorithm.  Lesson 12 is solving word problems using multiplication.  NWEA  Math

Next week, the Mid Module Assessment will be on Wednesday after we complete lesson 13

SOCIAL STUDIES – How People adapt and use the environment of the U.S.  We will be reviewing for next week’s test and study guides will come home.

SCIENCE – We will be finishing up the unit on Energy by discussing alternative energies such as solar power, wind energy, and water energy.

Many conversations were had at Parent Conferences regarding the new Math Program.

One of the resources to help students and parents is Zearn.  Students have their log in and password

taped into their Student Planner.  The lessons on Zearn match up exactly to our lessons in class.  They

give the students more practice – not only on the new material, but also the sprint/fluency problems.

We talk about using Zearn almost every day in class – and sometimes write it in our planner as a reminder.

So far though, only 2 students are on Lesson 6 or higher in Module 3. They are Abby E. and Mariam – and both

girls are getting high scores in Math.  It does help!

Students should be on the same Lesson

that we do in class.  This week, we will do Lesson 7 and 8.  Please use this resource at home – and don’t forget about the

videos for each lesson – on both Embarc Online and youtube -( Eureka Math, 4th grade, Module 3, Lesson _____.)


Just a reminder that on Mondays and Wednesdays, we have gym.  With winter upon us

and students wearing boots – don’t forget gym shoes!  Monday, we have gym first thing, so there

is not enough time to call home.

Thank you

In science we made “flashlights.”  Students had to design a “switch” that could turn their LED light on and off.

Tin foil was our conductor.

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