Study Guide Answer Key

As promised, here is the answer key for the test tomorrow:
Core 1, remember your Math and Social Studies are swapped!

Vocabulary Review

Simply be familiar with each and every one of these words, they are all found in your notes or homework activities.  Email me by around 7pm at if you want a personal explanation of one of them that you’re stuck on.

Study Guide

  1. Food Surplus, Specialization of Work, Social Hierarchy, One Central Government, Developed Culture, Belief System
  2. Writing into the empty boxes from left to right: Nile River, Mediterranean Sea, Euphrates River, Tigris River
  3. ‘Land between the two Rivers’
  4. Tigris and Euphrates River
  5. Here are the short, simple definitions of each:
    1. Problem 1: Not enough food in the hills even though it rains enough
    2. Solution 1:  Head to plains where it rains less but has more land to farm
    3. Problem 2:  Too much, or too little water on desert flood plains
    4. Solution 2: Build system of irrigation to stop floods and water plants
    5. Problem 3: Irrigation system to work right goes through many villages
    6. Solution 3:  Villages work together, combine, and become Cities
    7. Problem 4: Neighbors attack cities for their things once they do well
    8. Solution 4: Build Walls and Moats for protection from attackers
  6. It had a lot of fertile land to farm on, and plenty of water from the rivers to use
  7. Farming, Sun Dried Bricks, Wheel, Money, Writing, Math
  8. Cuneiform
  9. King, Priest, Scribe, Blacksmith, Farmer, Slave
  10. Empire is a very large amount of land ruled by one strong person or group of people (many possible definitions for this!  Use your own if you like it better!)
  11. City-State is only as big as one city, Empire is very large and is in control of many city-states, and so has more money and a bigger army to support it.
  12. Akkadia, Bablonia, Assyria, Neo-Babylonia
  13. Neo-Babylonia – Nebuchadnezzar; Assyria – Ashurbanipal; Akkadia – Sargon; Babylon – Hammurabi


Good Luck out there!

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Missing Work

All Students need to review Student Connect immediately for any missing work they have.  I just uploaded hundreds of documents all at once, as well as two tests (Thanksgiving break was productive!).

Your missing work is highlighted missing.  If you disagree that something is missing:
1) Come check my ENORMOUS pile of work with no name on it.  I can’t grade things if I don’t know whose it is
2) Ask me for another copy AFTER SCHOOL when I have the time to go digging through ERIK’s collection of ancient work.

Here’s just a small example of why I’m taking this seriously.  In this picture of my student grades, the orange boxes are missing work.

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Post Turkey-Day Monday!

Students came back after a long break and… finished up some incomplete tests.  They worked hard even if it’s not the most exciting Monday activity.  Core 1,2, and 4 have no homework, only Core 3 (my after lunch class) has the NewsELA Reading for homework if they didn’t finish.

1) Is due Wednesday
2) Has them Boxing and Summarizing the Reading
3) Has them answering the questions on Page 2
4) Has them writing a paragraph to a prompt on page 3

Happy Monday!

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Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving break is here and I hope everyone will enjoy their time off to the fullest to relax with family and friends and hopefully eat some ridiculously good food.

Students didn’t -quite- finish their test during their shortened day today, so should expect to finish their test Monday when they return (in Social Studies).  Maybe take 15 minutes a day and reread your notes?

Math has no homework and will return Monday to learning the wonders of making a Budget.  It’s a real life skill! 😀  (However, given that today was short and kind of crazy… any math homework that was due today will also be accepted Monday at no late penalty!)

Anyways, have a great (long) weekend!

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Study Materials Mesopotamia Mid-Test

Students studying can and should use their notes from their social studies notebooks.  Reread things you’ve done in class, look at old work or maps, review old quizzes.  Then do the new study guide.

First, here is a summary of the vocabulary activity from earlier this unit for student’s reference – you may find it useful on both the Vocab Review on iLearn as well as the study Guide:


Next, here are the answers for the study guide.  NOTE:  These answers are my own, but they are not the only answers, so students who find they have similar answers to my own that also seem correct – are probably also correct:

Study Guide Meso Part 1

Study Guide Meso Part 2

Happy Studying!

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Hard Working Day!

Students in all my classes (and other teacher’s classes) took home homework today, there’s a big push to finish a few final thoughts before we hit break and everyone forgets everything in a sleepy haze of cooked thanksgiving dinners.  (I’m a turkey and cranberry sauce kind of guy.)  Anyway,

Mathematics – Students have a few multistep percent questions to wrap up off a worksheet today, they got introduced to simple interest today!  We’ll be practicing percent, ratio, and proportion some more at a higher level the next few weeks, and hopefully using it in some real world situations.

Social Studies – Students have a quiz tomorrow (one waiting for about a week now, ready to show up at any time…).  It will be on early Mespotamia and how the people there moved from being foragers, to forming City States (the ‘4 Problems of Mesopotamia’ summarizes this.)  It will also be on a large amount of vocabulary that we have used and will use this unit.  Students have two requirements due tomorrow:

1) Finish my iLearn Vocabulary Review.  All students should be enrolled in my online class on iLearn after class today, and they need to finish the review at home if they did not finish it in class.  To find it, students need to login into iLearn and go to ‘my classes’ to find my class, and then the assignment.

NOTE: The final question is a bit iffy, if you are having trouble dragging and dropping an answer where you want, copy the text EXACTLY from the possible answers using ctrl-c, and paste with ctrl-v in the box where you want it.

2) Paper Study Guide.  This is a visual graphic organizer of some of the main ideas of the unit, as well as a writing prompt about city-states.  This is pretty darn close to word for word from our test tomorrow, so anyone who doesn’t turn this in isn’t doing their grades any favors.  I will be posting the answers to this study guide within the hour on a new post.

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Upcoming Social Studies!

Last new information tomorrow, Review Friday, Test on the beginning of Mesopotamia next Monday.  Start looking over your notes from the past two weeks!  You will also receive several of your past homeworks back on Friday to review as well.

Study Hard!

As for Math Students, thanks for powering through this test – it’s taking us all longer than we thought.  But we need to work faster!  We will finish it tomorrow, and grade it in class if time allows.

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Last Math Study Guide Page

Parent Teacher conferences are over for today (there’s more tomorrow!) so here’s the last page of the study guide:
Ratio Problem Solving 1
Ratio Problem Solving 2

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Math Quiz Study Guide!

Math students have a quiz tomorrow!  Here’s the first two answer keys for their 3 sheets (they choose odds or even to do), the last of the 3 will be up after parent teacher conferences. 🙂
Rate Practice 1

Rate Practice 2

Unit Rate 1

Unit Rate 2


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Weekend Homework

Social Studies has a vocabulary homework for this weekend!  As a reminder, here’s the requirements:

Every student received a specific vocabulary word from your unit they are responsible for.  They were instructed to write this down in a notebook, on a piece of paper, or on the back of the assignment paper I handed out.  If you’ve forgotten yours, post a comment on here by Saturday and Sunday I will respond with your word.

Students are required to come up with a creative Frayer model for their word.  THeir model will have:
1) Title
2) Academic Definition
3) Detailed Sentence (using the word)
4) Illustration

Students will put the following onto their sheets in a creative way, using colors, designs, or anything else they think will make their paper pop.

Students will be required to present their model in 30 seconds on Monday, so a forward thinking student might practice reading their model to a parent or sibling…

As before, the official definitions for each word are on my previous blog post.

PS.  Math students have a short homework as well for the percentage design sheet.

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