Last day before Break!

7th Grade Reminder, Quiz Tomorrow on Patricians, Plebeians, and Roman Slavery!

8th Grade Reminder – ALL SECTIONS Cornell Notes and Chapter questions last possible day to turn in is Thursday at the beginning of class.  Make sure this gets done or your grade will suffer.

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M-STEP Math Practice


I’ve been passed along that link as a place for students to make sure they’re ready for the MSTEP coming soon after break – comes with practice problems and tests.  Get on it a few times on evenings or weekends before the test begins!

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Weekend Work Reminders!

7th Grade – Period 2 – Finish your Summative CER… make sure its your own words if I see people who wrote the same thing I will feed both tests to my neighbor’s angry dog.

7th Grade – Period 3 – NONE

Study Skills – Period 4 – NONE

7th Grade – Period 5 – Finish the Q and A sheet seen here


8th Grade – See the following link for a list of all the work you need done

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Homework Reminder 3/22

7th Grade – Back Side of Today’s Worksheet, Does Require some online work or a dictionary!

8th Grade – #1,3,4,5 from Chapter 13, Section 3 of the textbook – see iLearn for the textbook as always

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Homework 3/21

7Th Grade – No homework, but Reminder that there will be a mini-quiz this Friday and Next Thursday on the topics described on my previous post.

8th Grade – Section 3 Chapter 13 Cornell Notes due tomorrow

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7th Grade… In Regards to your Test

I’ve been slaving over the 7th grade tests for a few days now… and results are not great.  Take a look on Student/Parent Connect and see if you’re a ‘Swimmer’ or a ‘Sinker’ in regards to the Greek Unit.

This blog contained TONS of study materials for this test and warning was given a week in advance.  I’m disappointed.

The Marking Period ends at Spring Break.  See the attached slides for the Deal to help save your grade…  Your grades are in your hands – I’m just the one who gives you the information you need to pass.

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Both Grade Homework

7th Grade – Finish Talking to Text and Answer the Questions for the Rome reading – don’t forget to bring your notebook back to class if you glued the paper in!

8th Grade – Finish Cornell Notes on Section 2 due tomorrow

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Friendly Reminder

All students in all grades are expected to bring a notebook to class every day.  PREFERABLE a 9″ by 11″ notebook to make it easier to put notes into, and write notes in than the smaller notebooks you might use for Bellwork or for other classes.

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Video Dump

7th graders, you can see the video we watched today (hopefully) using your school google accounts here, if you want to review today’s introduction.

8th Graders, here are the videos we are going to watch tomorrow (Tuesday) before you finish your Cornell Notes.

Mexican American War in 5 Minutes (we will stop at 1:51 and finish rest in appropriate section)

Remember the Alamo Flocabulary

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Tests not Graded Yet

Apologies to all awaiting their unit test grades from last Wednesday (8th) and Last Friday (7th) but I’m not done yet on completing the grading on these materials, thank you for your patience and they should be done in the next day or two!  I want to release the class’s at the same time so they won’t be released until they’re done for everyone.

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