Kindergarten Fun

Dearborn Public Schools

Matching Letters and Sounds

I can match letters with things that start with that sound.

Princess Presto Lovely Letter Match Up

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Drag and Drop

I can solve puzzles by moving blocks in Hour of Code.

Bee and Goldfish logo from Hour of Code

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Number Match

I can match numbers with numbers of objects.

Monster Mansion Match

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Students will sort objects by color using Fuzz Bugs.

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What Do They Want?

Listen to what each person wants in a treehouse and try to design something that will make them happy.

Picture of Arthur's Treehouse

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Learn Letters

I can learn about letters by playing letter games on Starfall

.Starfall Home screen

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Summer Learning

What do you want to learn this summer?

Draw it here.

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Numbers 1 to 100

I can order numbers 1-100 by playing a game.


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Math Games

I can demonstrate counting, sorting and adding by using games.

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Living and Nonliving

I can tell the difference between living and nonliving things by sorting them.

Sort the things in the collection jar.

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