Kindergarten Fun

Dearborn Public Schools


I can get to a location on the map using Take a Trip Jr.
Take a Trip Jr.


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Students will identify the characters in a story by writing a sentence.

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Rhyme Time

I can practice rhyming words by playing a game.
Super Grover Nick of Rhyme

Rhyme time bingo

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Be My Valentine

I can make a Valentine by using
Valentine with characters around it

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I can find facts and write them.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Book cover


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I can describe a form of transportation by drawing and writing.
Martha Stories with two dogs

Storymaker logo

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Students will demonstrate how to match items by characteristics by using Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Helpers game.
Daniel Tiger Classroom Helpers

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I can name things that we measure by writing a word.
How do you measure up cover. two kids with a measuring tape.

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Learn About Animals

Find your favorite animal and finish the sentence.
National Geographic Kids Cover

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Gingerbread Baby

Students will design a gingerbread man based on the description in’The Gingerbread Baby” using Starfall.

Gingerbread man

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