Kindergarten Fun

Dearborn Public Schools


Play and measure.

PBS Crystal Rule Game Screen shot

Collection jar Game home screen

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Letter Match

Monster Letter Match Game logo

Play Letter Match

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Hour of Code

The first week of December is Hour of Code. If you are a student, log in with Clever from Dearborn Schools homepage. Mrs. Alvarado will give you your class code to join the proper level. If you are a parent or other interested adult, you can try it, too at It is free to all users.

Minecraft Hour of code


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Welcome Summer

D.W. Island Bugball Game
D.W. and Bud's Backyard Adventure.

Students will practice following directions by playing games.

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Students will create summer activities by following step-by-step directions.

Camp Time logo

Park Builder Game logo


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Write a Story

Students will write a story by using online tools.

Sesame Street Story Builder

Thomas' Tangled Tales

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Earth Materials

Students will learn about earth materials by playing games.

Fab Lab rock sorting game

Fab Lab Rocks Rule measuring game

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Numbers to 100

Students will identify and order numbers from 1 to 100 by playing math games.

adventure man and the counting quest

Base Ten Fun

Number Bubble

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What is in the Ground?

I can describe things that make up Earth by writing and drawing using Storymaker.
Hal's Big dig Game


ABCYA Story Maker

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