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  1. Hi ms kerr

    so, for the ixl j.4 it said that we had to get 10 correct questions out of j.4.I dont understand what you really mean.can you please explain.

    • Good afternoon,

      I don’t want you to get to 100 yet because that might be overwhelming. So instead, I would like you to get 10 right. So if you get the first one wrong, cross your work out and try to get one right. You do that until until you get ten correct total.
      Your paper may only have 10 problems done, if you get them all correct. Where someone else might take 13 to get 10 correct because they made 3 mistakes.

    • Yes. Follow the flowmap from your notes. It’s the same as the homework from Friday and the worksheet we started today. Let me know if you have specific questions and I can make a video

  2. Hey Mrs.Kerr, it’s wael. I tried to open the link for the assignment that’s do tonight and it wont open. I also tried to contact my partner Kassam and he doesn’t know anything for it. Hes been sick. Im also sorry for emailing so late. Can I complete the assignment after school tomorrow?

  3. Hey Mrs Kerr
    IXL z10 is very very difficult I watched the video but I still don’t understand how to do the 90% and up I tried multiple times but it would push me back to 84%

  4. hey mrs.kerr so my agile mind is not working like every time I press it , it doesn’t show the log in and when it does I put it in and it doesn’t work

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