Mrs. Kazan Third/ Fourth Grade

Dearborn Public Schools


All students have new books in their reading bags. Make sure you read and daily at least 20 minutes.

Students must meet 60 minutes of reading on I-ready with passing grade of 80% or above.

Students must practice math daily on Zearn.


Third grade math homework lesson 17 pages 239-243

Fourth grade math home work lesson 8 pages 35-38

Spelling test tomorrow

Practice reading from the reading bag

Family fun night from 4:45-5:45

Important Information

Tomorrow is count everyone must be present on time.

Tomorrow is our field trip everyone going on the field time must arrive to to the building no later than 7:45 am.

Must have lunch and snack.

Don’t bring your book bag tomorrow to school if your going on the trip.

If you have any questions send me a text on classdojo.

Weekly Focus

It’s hard to believe we are already in February. Wednesday will be a late start. Here is what we will be focusing on this week.

Math: Mid-module quiz is on Monday. We will continue learning about multiplication and division strategies. Please make sure your child is studying with flashcards for 5 minutes each day. If students don’t know their basic facts, it will be much harder to master more complex math. There are many that still don’t have a firm grasp on basic addition/subtraction facts that are now struggling with multiplication. Continued daily practice will help tremendously.

Science: We will be studying the impacts of severe weather in areas around the world.

Social Studies: We will study how the government makes money through taxes, fines, and fees. A study guide will come home by the end of the week. Our economics test will be next week.

Reading: We will focus on asking and answering questions in informational text, specifically constructed response questions.

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