Apr 24

Mstep Practice

Hello Parents,


I have placed the link to the Mstep website to the right on the home page. Please make sure your child is logging to Mstep and practicing Math and Ela.  Third grade students will be taking the test on May 8. It is very important that students practice and show their work when answering any Math question.


Keep up the amazing work!!!

Mstep practice homework


This is the Website to practice M step Math and Reading

Tonight’s homework is to login on the Mstep website and practice only  Math plus finish the opinion writing.





Apr 22

Weekly Focus!

I hope everyone enjoyed the sun this weekend. We have  a great week ahead. Monday we will be outside planting. Thursday is PTA meeting at 6 pm I hope you can join us. Friday is Movie night from 4-6

Math:  We will begin unit 9 on multiplication and division story problems.

Science:  We will be focusing on animal adaptations.

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the rights and responsibilities of Michigan citizens under the Constitution.

Reading:  We will focus on main ideas and supporting details in informational text.

Writing:  We will be doing an informational writing activity on how to take care of Earth in honor of Earth day.

Apr 16

Weekly Focus!

Good Morning Students and Parents

Well it sure has been a wet weekend.  I hope you were able to find some fun indoors.  This Thursday is our 2nd and 3rd grade concert at 4:00.  If you have not sent in the permission slip indicating if your child can attend or not, please do so this week.  Also, on Thursday there will be a PTA meeting at 6:00 pm.  This is a new time in hopes that more parents will be able to attend.  Please consider showing your support for our awesome PTA.  Here is what we will be working on this week.

Math:  We are continuing our unit on fractions learning how to partition shapes into fractional parts.  We will be ready to test by the end of the week.

Science:  I was very happy with the class science test results.  Everyone passed this test on plants.  We are starting our next part which focuses on animals.  We will be getting crayfish on Monday and will be studying their structures that help them survive.

Social Studies:  We are studying about the three branches of government and the Michigan Constitution.

Reading:  We will be focusing on comparing and contrasting the same topic from two different texts.

Writing:  We will continue our writing piece, Should students have homework.

Apr 10

science study guide with answers

Structures of Life Investigation 1 Study Guide test Wednesday April, 11, 2018


Write YES or NO next to each food to tell if it is a fruit.

Is it a fruit?


1.___Y_ tomato      4.__Y__apple   


2.___N_ carrot        5.___Y_green pepper


3.__Y__watermelon        6.__N__potato


  1.  For the ones you said YES, explain what makes it a fruit. ___Fruits have seeds__________________________________


  1.  For the ones you said NO, explain why it is not a fruit. __________Foods without seeds are not fruits.______________________________________________________


Write YES or NO to tell which is a living thing.


  1. __N__rock 12. __Y__deer


  1. __Y__rose bush 13. ___Y_sunflower seed


  1. ___N_ water 14. __N__sunlight


  1.  For the ones you said YES, explain why it is a living thing. _____Living things breathe, eat, and drink____________________________________________________________________


  1.  Color, shape, and texture are all examples of _________properties_________________ used to describe a seed.


  1.  Draw a picture of a lima bean seed and label the COTYLEDON, SEED COAT, and EMBRYO.


  1.  What is the function (job) of the seed coat?  ________protects the seed as it begins to grow____________________________






  1.  What is the function (job) of the cotyledons? ________provides food for the plant as it begins to grow____________________________






  1.  What is the function (job) of the embryo? ________grows into a new plant______________________________






Write TRUE or FALSE to explain the effects of soaking seeds in water.

When we soak seeds in water they:


  1. ____T__get bigger 24. __F___get harder


  1. ____F__weigh less 25. ___T___ weigh more


  1. _____T__begin to grow 26. ___T__seed coat becomes soft and may fall off


  1.  Name 4 ways seeds get dispersed.  ________wind____________, ____squirrel________________,


_______________water___________, __________birds____________________


  1.  Traits are inherited from the parent to the baby.  That’s why the baby looks like the parent plant. If a rose plant produces red roses, what color would the baby roses be?    ___________red____________________


  1.  Choose a fruit to write about.  Explain about how many seeds might be in the fruit and then name 2 properties to describe the seed.

Name of fruit ___________________________________


About how many seeds? __________________________


Two properties to describe the seeds:  __________________________, ___________________


  1.  Compare and contrast an avocado pit and a watermelon seed.  Explain how they are alike and how they are different. __An avocado pit and watermelon seeds are alike because they both have a hard shell that protects an embryo.  They are different because the avocado pit is large and only has one seed, but the watermelon seeds are small and there are many inside the fruit._____________________________________________________


  1.  Use the data table below to make a line plot showing the number of seeds inside pea pods.


Pea Pod Number of Seeds
1 5
2 3
3 3
4 5
5 4
6 5
7 4



Number of Seeds


Apr 08

Weekly Focus!!

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an amazing break.  We are heading to the final weeks we need to keep up the amazing work. please remember to check the blog weekly and check for spelling words too.

Math:  We will be studying equivalent fractions.

Science:  A study guide will come home Monday and the test will be on Wednesday.  The test will be all about seeds.

Social Studies:  We are studying the similarities and differences between state and local governments.

Reading:  We will use comprehension strategies to determine the meaning based on the illustrations in informational text.

Writing:  We will be finishing up our opinion writing. This week we will start a new topic should students have homework?