Students will be working on their culminating activity for the suspense unit.   Each student has a role to complete this weekend.  They will have class time on Monday to work together on their posters.  Please remind them to also finish article response #2 because it is due on Monday.  Literature circle packets are due on Tuesday before break.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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Parent Teacher Conferences 11/13-11/14

Parent-Teacher Conferences are this evening and tomorrow from 4-7pm. Hope to see you all there!

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Literature Book Access

To access the literature book from home please click on the link in my class links section and enter the following login information:


login: kla8m

password: stoutms

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Quarter 2

Well… Quarter 2 has officially begun and we are on our way for an eventful and exciting few months.  Students are busy working on multiple activities intended to support them in strengthening their comprehension in all areas.  Students are responsible for completing assignments related to their literature circle books. They meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss their reading and assigned roles.  Online responses will continue to be assigned on a weekly basis for a summative 10 point grade.  Students also will be assigned IXL skills to support them with their grammar studies.  We continuously work together in class to identify elements author’s use in their stories to support their writing.  Today we wrapped up the story, The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs in their literature books.  Students analyzed the author’s use of sensory details, word choice and setting to create mood.  I am attaching the foldable created with questions to help students finish up what was not finished in class.  I am also attaching a simplified version of the story for students to read in preparation of their quiz on Friday.  We will meet tomorrow in literature circles.  Please make sure your child has completed their assigned reading and assignment.  Have a great weekend!

The Monkey’s Paw ANALYSIS Foldable


Monkeys Paw vocab1


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Book Talk Options Sheet


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Happy Friday Again! Quarter 1 ends next Friday, November 3rd.  In preparation students can be finishing up reading a book independently for their book talk assignment due next Friday, November 3.  Online Response 4 is also due on Monday, October 30th.  Students should be working on IXL skills P1, P4, R2, and K4.  An 85 smart score is required for credit.  We worked on Reading strategies related to literature circles this week.  Students will be exploring  Mood in Literature next week by reading The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs.  Have a great weekend 🙂

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Week End Summary

Happy Friday!  This week students spent their time reading The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.  Vocabulary and double entry journals focused on building comprehension of the text.  Today, students are reading and lightly annotating a simplified version of the story (attached).  They are then being asked to choose which culminating activity they would like to complete.  The options include: a comic strip, a rap/poem, or rewriting of the story in their own words. Students can use this as a preparation for their quiz on Monday!  All assignments will be collected on Monday.  Online Article #3 is due on Monday evening as well.  Have a great weekend!


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Monday Madness…

Student reading responses and bellworks have been checked and will be entered as soon as possible. Article response #2 is due by the end of today!  Students should also be working on their IXL’s, for they are due on Wednesday, October 18th.  We took cornell notes on the elements of suspense to prepare for our next reading, The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.  Students were also given a vocabulary chart with new words from the story.  Have a great week!


The Tell Tale Heart vocab

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Students have been assigned their IXL login and passwords.  This week’s assignments include practice in prefixes and suffixes.  Skills G.1, G.2., G.3, and G.4 should be practiced to a smart score of 75 or higher.  I will be checking them in on Wednesday, October 18th.  Any students who earns a score of 100 will get extra credit.

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Week of October 9th

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Students will be wrapping up reading ‘The Elevator’ by William Sleator.  Students will have a short comprehension quiz  on Tuesday, October 10th. Please check student/parent connect for updated grades and assignments.  We have a half day on Friday, October 13th.  Have a great week!

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