Book Talk Requirements

Using a piece of computer printer paper, create a poster about a RECENT book that you’ve read:

  • title of the book
  • author
  • summary
  • information about the setting
  • information about the main characters (major/minor, protagonist/antagonist)
  • theme
  • quote from the story
  • recommendation
  • pictures

These are due on THURSDAY, January 25

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Counter Argument Sample

Students can look over the counter argument sample when writing theirs this weekend.  We will review it with all students on Monday, but if students want to get a head start they can use the attached sample as a guide. Have a great weekend!

counter argument ex

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Argumentative Essay Writing

Students have been working on argumentative writing this week.  They should have paragraphs 1,2,3,4 and 6 completed.  Please make sure to remind them that it is imperative that they finish before Tuesday.  I have been modeling each step of the way.  I am attaching a copy of the outline for reference.

NWEA testing begins on Tuesday and we will be working on it all week.  Please remind students to focus and do their best on this assessment. They could prepare by getting to bed early and having a healthy breakfast.

Article response 6 is due on Monday night!

Have a great weekend:)

Outline-Video Games


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Welcome Back~ Happy New Year 2018!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break.  Students worked on getting back into routine.  Students will be working argumentative writing this week.  The notes are attached below.  We will have an article response due next Tuesday.  Please make sure to read each night because a book talk is due on Thursday, January 25, 2018. Assignment sheet will be sent out by Wednesday, January 10. Have a great week!

Argumentative Essay Cornell Notes

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Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful Holiday Break!  Students should read for 20 minutes daily. A book talk is due at the end of this quarter.  All assignments have been entered. Please check to make sure any missing assignments are completed and submitted to me ASAP!

See you in January 2018!

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IXL for Quarter 2

In case you need to catch up, here is a list of all of the IXL assignments given this quarter. Please note: besides the last two, all of these other IXL assignments are late at this point. IXL assignments are given on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with time to work on them during class. They are due about a week later, on Monday night.

  • 8.E.5 – adjectives vs. adverbs
  • 8.E.7 – superlatives (ex: worse vs worst)
  • 8.S.1 and 8.S.2 – theme (lit circle groups 1 and 2 had the option of replacing 8.S.1 with 4.Z.2)
  • 8.A.6, 8.A.7, 8.A.8 – sentences: complete, fragments, and run-ons
  • 8.R.2 – point of view
  • If you had already completed 8.R.2, you were asked to do 9.Q.1, which was also point of view
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Flowers for Algernon

Students have been learning about artificial intelligence in preparation for our next unit- Flowers for Algernon.  Students will be looking at how text structure, irony, foreshadowing, point of view and character traits play an integral role in how the reader understands the text.  Students will continue to be responsible for online responses, ixl skills, and literature circle roles while we read the new story as a class.  Please remind your child that they are to complete their assignments by Monday night of each week.  I will attach the packet being used in class for reference. Please check parent connect for updated assignments collected.

Flowers for Algernon packet (3)

DOK Questions

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Cornell Notes from Q1

Below are the Cornell Notes that were collected today from Quarter 1. Students were asked to write 3 questions on each page of notes, as well as a summary of what we learned.



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Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your break!

Book poster project photos coming to the blog soon…. See you all Monday! No homework unless something was not turned in. 🙂

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Students will be working on their culminating activity for the suspense unit.   Each student has a role to complete this weekend.  They will have class time on Monday to work together on their posters.  Please remind them to also finish article response #2 because it is due on Monday.  Literature circle packets are due on Tuesday before break.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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