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Alphabet Chart

Alphabet Chart


It is often useful to have an alphabet chart by your child when they are doing homework.  This chart is useful for the students to see the correct size/look of the letters during their writing time.  Here is a chart to use in case you need one!



Fun assemblies

Fun assemblies

We were so lucky to have some of the students in Mrs. Gomez’s class perform a play about The Three Little Pigs. They did a fantastic job!

We had a visit from a Dearborn Firefighter, Mr. Mattern. Mr. Mattern read to the students. He even got into his gear and talked about fire safety. 

We also had a chance to listen to some stories read by Mr. Higgins.  He was so excited to be back at Becker again!

The entire school participated in an assembly about readers being leaders.  There was a lot of audience participation. Some kids even got to come on the stage! 

We are having a blast celebrating reading during March!

It’s Cold Outside!

It’s Cold Outside!

With the cold weather approaching, it is nice to stay inside and read with your child!  Here are some reading tips:

Reading with your child-any age!

Surround your child with books

Try to have books in your home for your child to read. Books from a bookstore can be expensive, but there are places where you can get inexpensive books, such as second hand bookstores, garage sales, thrift shops, and library book sales. And of course, borrowing books from the library is free!

Make reading special

Do things that will make books and reading seem special. Help your child get his or her own library card, buy books and books-on-tape as gifts, and use books as rewards. Find a special place in  your home for reading.

Ask your child questions

Discuss what’s happening in the story and point out things on the page. Ask your child questions such as: “What do you think will happen next?” or “What is this?” Discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution, or the main idea with supporting details from the book.

Encourage your child to read another book

Find ways to encourage your child to keep reading. If he or she likes one book, find another book with a similar subject or by the same author. Ask a librarian or teacher for book suggestions.

Take turns reading

Once your child can read, have him or her read aloud to you every day. You can take turns – you read one page and your child the next. Children love to hear their families reading to them.

Make connections to your child’s life

Help your child make connections between what he or she reads in books and what happens in life. If you’re reading a book about a family, for example, talk about how what happens in the story is the same or different from what happens in your family.

Give your child an incentive to read

At bedtime, encourage your child to read. Offer a choice between reading or sleeping. Most kids will choose to read, as long as you don’t offer something more tempting (like TV).

Try different types of books and magazines

Encourage your child to read different types of books, articles, or stories. Some kids, especially boys, prefer nonfiction books. Others like children’s magazines.

Turn on the closed captioning on your television

When watching a television show with your child, try turning on the closed captioning channel. This shows the words the characters are speaking on the television screen.

Summer has begun!!!!

Summer has begun!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far.  I miss everyone!  I hope you are working on your Mobymax and Myon challenge daily!   I will post the leaders of the class so far this Sunday.  

I have had a busy summer so far.  I am still working, but I have been very side tracked daily with a robin laying eggs outside my window!  It is amazing.  I have been researching robins and I have gathered a lot of info about them.  This robin will lay 4 eggs so she has a few more to go!  

Have a great week and go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

A few reminders…

A few reminders…

We will have our plays tomorrow (Wed.) around 8:45.  Please make sure you sign into the office before heading down to our room.

Just a reminder that Thursday is a half day and the last day of school.  The students will be released at 11:45 to begin enjoying the summer!

Please make sure you check your child’s backpack for a paper bag on Thursday.  The bag will contain the report card, the summer expectations for the M and M challenge and a couple goodies too!

Have a great week!


Week of 6/6

Week of 6/6

Wow, our last full week!  It is amazing how time has flown by.  We are doing a bunch of assessments this week for the report card.  Please try to have your child at school on time.

Today, for some of our families, begins Ramadan.  Ramadan Mubarak (Happy Ramadan) to all of the families in our class observing this special month.

The Snow picnic is this Friday from 5-8pm.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the families who donated to our class basket.  You can still purchase tickets the day of the picnic.  Please look for Mrs. Bush at the picnic to sign up for a summer reading challenge.

This week in science, we are discussing different animal groups.  We talked about birds today and went to the website.  We got a chance to observe a live hummingbird in a nest and also a bald eagle and some puffins.  The kids LOVED the site since it gives you the chance to watch animals live in the wild.  Please go to the site if you have a chance.  You can see lots of animals live in their natural habitat!

This week is our last week for spelling texts.

This week in social studies, we are writing a piece on public discourse- should we have sugary snacks at lunch!  It is very interesting to see the students opinions.   Read the rest of this entry

Week of May 31

Week of May 31

We are busy, busy, busy!  It is amazing that we will start wrapping up soon.

We only have two gift cards for our class basket for the picnic.  The theme is “Around the Town”.  Any gift cards for places around Dearborn are welcomed.  For example, Target, 7-Eleven, Applebees, Dollar Tree, 5 and Below are all good ideas for gift cards.  These class baskets will be raffled off at the School Picnic next Friday.

Today, all Library books had to be returned.  we will not be checking out books for the remainder of the year.

Tomorrow, we will have the PBIS party for the month of May. The students who have 3 or more card flips will not be able to attend.

Thursday, we will be attending a concert for the 4th graders at 2:30.

Friday is Field Day.  All students are encouraged to wear their blue Snow School Leader t- shirt.  Our Field Day is from 9-11.

All leveled books will be collected next Monday so they can be restocked in the book room.

If you have not yet subscribed to the blog, please go to the following site and subscribe to this link:

I will be posting items over the summer that will ensure student success.

Our class will have a play presentation for parents/families on June 15 at 9:00.  Please join us if you can!

Have a wonderful week!