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Summer has begun!!!!

Summer has begun!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far.  I miss everyone!  I hope you are working on your Mobymax and Myon challenge daily!   I will post the leaders of the class so far this Sunday.  

I have had a busy summer so far.  I am still working, but I have been very side tracked daily with a robin laying eggs outside my window!  It is amazing.  I have been researching robins and I have gathered a lot of info about them.  This robin will lay 4 eggs so she has a few more to go!  

Have a great week and go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

A few reminders…

A few reminders…

We will have our plays tomorrow (Wed.) around 8:45.  Please make sure you sign into the office before heading down to our room.

Just a reminder that Thursday is a half day and the last day of school.  The students will be released at 11:45 to begin enjoying the summer!

Please make sure you check your child’s backpack for a paper bag on Thursday.  The bag will contain the report card, the summer expectations for the M and M challenge and a couple goodies too!

Have a great week!


Week of 6/6

Week of 6/6

Wow, our last full week!  It is amazing how time has flown by.  We are doing a bunch of assessments this week for the report card.  Please try to have your child at school on time.

Today, for some of our families, begins Ramadan.  Ramadan Mubarak (Happy Ramadan) to all of the families in our class observing this special month.

The Snow picnic is this Friday from 5-8pm.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the families who donated to our class basket.  You can still purchase tickets the day of the picnic.  Please look for Mrs. Bush at the picnic to sign up for a summer reading challenge.

This week in science, we are discussing different animal groups.  We talked about birds today and went to the website.  We got a chance to observe a live hummingbird in a nest and also a bald eagle and some puffins.  The kids LOVED the site since it gives you the chance to watch animals live in the wild.  Please go to the site if you have a chance.  You can see lots of animals live in their natural habitat!

This week is our last week for spelling texts.

This week in social studies, we are writing a piece on public discourse- should we have sugary snacks at lunch!  It is very interesting to see the students opinions.   Read the rest of this entry