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Week of May 31

Week of May 31

We are busy, busy, busy!  It is amazing that we will start wrapping up soon.

We only have two gift cards for our class basket for the picnic.  The theme is “Around the Town”.  Any gift cards for places around Dearborn are welcomed.  For example, Target, 7-Eleven, Applebees, Dollar Tree, 5 and Below are all good ideas for gift cards.  These class baskets will be raffled off at the School Picnic next Friday.

Today, all Library books had to be returned.  we will not be checking out books for the remainder of the year.

Tomorrow, we will have the PBIS party for the month of May. The students who have 3 or more card flips will not be able to attend.

Thursday, we will be attending a concert for the 4th graders at 2:30.

Friday is Field Day.  All students are encouraged to wear their blue Snow School Leader t- shirt.  Our Field Day is from 9-11.

All leveled books will be collected next Monday so they can be restocked in the book room.

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I will be posting items over the summer that will ensure student success.

Our class will have a play presentation for parents/families on June 15 at 9:00.  Please join us if you can!

Have a wonderful week!





Week of May 23

Week of May 23

It is a short week for us and the sun is shining!  Woo Hoo!

Just a reminder…the students have off of school this Friday (May 27) and Monday (May 30) to celebrate Memorial Day.

This week Thursday, we will have our clean Up Day parade at 9:30.  Please have your child wear the light blue Snow School Leaders t-shirt!

So far, I do not have any donations for the PTA basket for the picnic.  Remember, our basket theme is “Around the Town”.  This means, we are collecting gift cards from various places around Dearborn- Dairy Queen, Target, Tropical Smoothie etc…

This week in…

Language Arts, we are working on citing evidence in texts.  Students will be highlighting text and using inferences from the story to support their claims.  We are also working on non-fiction writing and reading.  We are working on our plays to present to the parents on June 15.  Mark your calendars!

Math, we have been working on Unit nine.  This will be our last official Unit for math.  Unit ten will be used as a summer review.  Unit nine focuses on Base 10 blocks, number grid puzzles (which the children are loving!), and fractions.

Science, we are discussing animal characteristics and habitats.

Social Studies, we are discussing rules and expectations.

Have a wonderful week!


From the PTA

From the PTA

Here is some info from the PTA!

PTA NEWS:  Attention Parents!

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and so is our Annual End-of-the-Year Picnic!  we are always looking for volunteers to help the picnic go off without a hitch!  We have plenty of open spots still available for the evening.  If anyone can help, please sign-up using the sign-up genius link:
We are looking for a few donations for the evening as well:  baked goods for our dessert table, along with juice boxes, water and soda.  If you are able to donate any of these items, please deliver by 3:30pm the day of the picnic.  We are also looking for crockpots to help cook the hotdogs at the picnic.  If anyone has one they are willing to let us borrow that evening, please let us know.  We’ll need that by 2pm that day.
We are having our last PTA meeting of the year on Tuesday, June 7th at 6pm.  We will also be packing all of the preorders and putting together the raffle baskets that day.  Please come join us for the meeting and stay after to help us finalize last-minute picnic details.  Any and all help is welcome.
Any questions, please contact Jeannette Warren, PTA
Thank you!

Week of 5/16

Week of 5/16

Winter is back!  I can’t believe this weather.  I sat at my son’s soccer game on Saturday in the rain, snow, and hail!  Crazy!  I think the warm days are coming!  We are in need of tissues for our class if anyone has a box to donate!  We have lots of runny noses and allergies with the changing weather! We are also in need of pencils in case you are out shopping.

Dr. Groover wanted us to remind everyone of the Snow School dress code.  The Code of Conduct requires the the student clothing is “modest and does not have any distracting influences”.  For your child’s safety and comfort, we ask that students wear shoes that are appropriate for running and playing on the playground instead of flip flops.  Please also refrain from allowing students to wear shirts with spaghetti straps.  We also ask that girls wear shorts under their dresses or skirts.  If you have any questions about the dress code, please contact Dr. Groover.

It is almost time for the Snow School Picnic.  Every year the classrooms create a basket of goodies and raffle it off at the school picnic.  This year, our class theme is going to be “Around the Town”.  The basket will be filled with gift cards in any denomination for places around the Dearborn area.  For example, we would love gift cards to Dairy Queen, Target, Michael’s, Coney Island, Tropical Smoothie (my favorite!) etc….  Basically anywhere in Dearborn that families can get a treat or shop.  Remember….the gift card can be in any amount!   I will start collecting them this week and I need all of the gift cards by     June 1.  Thank you in advance!

This week in…

Language Arts, the students will begin working on plays in class.  All of the students will choose a part in the play.  The goal is that the students will be performing these plays as a lunch theater in June.  The date for this has not been determined, but I will pick it this week so everyone can plan accordingly.  We will have a small class picnic after the plays too.  More details will follow soon!  We are also focusing on parts of speech and author’s message in class.  I have ordered the books for the students who participated in the Tower of Books challenge!  Hopefully, they will be here by next week!  I am working on setting up a class account for a new website like MyOn.  I’ll send more info this week once our class is set up and running!  This will be great for summer reading!

Math, we will be taking our Unit 8 test on Wed.  The study guide will be sent home tomorrow for practice.

In Social Studies, we are learning about public discourse and taking a stand on an issue.

In Science, we will be exploring life cycles.  If anyone has any tadpoles to share so the students can observe them, please let me know!  Our caterpillars are forming coccoons!  It is really exciting to watch.

Looking ahead…Our Snow School Clean Up Parade is Thursday, May 26 at 9:30!

Have a wonderful week!


Week of May 9

Week of May 9

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  It was such a sunny, fun-filled day!  I hope it was the same for all of the moms too!  I hope you watered your plant form your child!

This Tuesday, we are going to see Seussical at the Ford Performing Arts Center.  We do have a couple extra tickets due to some students moving.  If you are interested, please text me at 313-282-1781 with your name by tomorrow night.  This is a quick trip.  The students will be back in time to eat lunch in the cafeteria.  I would like all students to wear their Snow Leaders shirt for this trip.

This Wednesday is a late start.  School begins at 9:35.

This week in…

Language Arts, we will be reviewing features of non-fiction texts.  We will also be focusing on main idea and details.

Math, we will be adding double digit numbers by using tens and ones blocks.  We will be taking apart the tens and ones and then adding.  We started some fraction animals last week that we will be completing this week also.

Science, we are continuing our focus on animals and their life cycles.  We will look at the life cycle of the butterfly. Our butterflies look like they will be forming cocoons soon!  It is crazy wildlife in our room.

Social Studies, we will be discussing what it means to be a citizen.

Just a reminder….our classroom is cold.  Even when it is how outside, please send your child with a sweatshirt.  We all freeze in our class!

Have a great week!




If you ordered a Snow t-shirt, your child should wear it to school tomorrow.  Ms. Zechar said there are still more if you would like to order.  The cost is $5 and the sizes are child small, medium and large and adult small, medium and large.  Cash only.

Tomorrow is Leadership Day.  We will have a lot of visitors who are principals and leaders in the District.  The whole school will be singing one song at 11:10 to our visitors.

Week of May 2

Week of May 2

Whattttttt???!!!!  It is May already!  Who can believe it?  We are cruising through the year!

The students did a great job in the Leadership assembly on Friday.  Thank you to all of the parents who joined us.

This week Tuesday, we will be taking the math NWEA.  The students did very well last week on the Reading portion.  We will be sending the reports as soon as they are available.

This week Friday is our Snow Leadership Day.  This is a day the school will be visited by the Superintendent and other Leaders in the District.  The t shirts for leadership day are supposed to arrive this week for anyone who ordered them.  I will let you know more details about Leadership Day as soon as I find it out about it this week.

This week, I will not be sending home new leveled books with the students because we will be doing final evaluations in reading.  Please have your child read some books on and other reading books at home this week.

This week in….

Language Arts, we will be finishing our wonder bubble research projects.  We will also be journaling about our butterflies.  Did your child tell you about our class larva?

Math, we will be focusing on subtraction, fractions, money and time.

We will have a busy week with the reading assessments and NWEA.