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Week of March 22

Week of March 22

I am going to be at the Michigan Reading Conference this weekend, so I thought I would post the blog tonight instead of Sunday.

This week…

Monday, the students will be attending the Book Fair.  Please check your child’s backpack for the flyer.  The Book Fair will also be open after school in case you want to shop with your child.

Wednesday, we will have the “all green” pizza lunch for students who were all green for their behavior for the  month of March.

Wednesday night is Literacy Night.  The evening will run from 4-6.

Thursday, we will be having a class egg hunt!  Thank you to Mrs. Saad for the eggs and candy fillers!  It should be a fun time!

Thursday, we will also attend a PBIS assembly for the month of March.

Friday, we will not have school!!!  Have a great Easter and spring break!

Don’t forget to send your Flat Stanley’s back to school!

This week in…

Language Arts, we will be focusing on our comprehension strategies.  I am expecting every student to be able to verbalize the strategy they are using as they read.  We will be practicing answering comprehension questions in complete sentences.  This will be a non negotiable for the rest of the year.  We will also be practicing the NWEA screeners in preparation for the test in May.

Math, we will be focusing on the attributes of pattern blocks and shapes.  I have started a small group of students on multiplication based on their MobyMax  scores.  Please continue to practice fluency with your child daily.

Social Studies, we will be continuing our focus on maps.  We have had a few Flat Stanley’s come back so we will be locating our Flat Stanleys on the map of the US.  Please send the Flat Stanley’s in if they are ready!

Have a wonderful break!

Week of March 13

Week of March 13

The rain is finished and I know it will be a great day for our trip on Tuesday.  Our class will be going into two groups- 9:30-11 and 12-1:30.  If you are joining us, please be at the classroom at 9:00 or 11:30 based on the trip you are coming on.  It will be very muddy from today’s rain, so please make sure the students are wearing the correct footwear and jackets.

This week Wednesday is a late start.  School begins at 9:30.

This week will be an assessment week in preparation for report cards.  Therefore, I will not meet with the students to change their leveled books.  I will be doing individual assessments on reading tasks and discussing strategies they use as readers.

This week in…

Language Arts, we will be focusing on the magic “e”,  long “i” spelled with a y, and questioning strategies students us as they read.  Our writing will be connected with the social studies we are focusing on.

Math, we will begin unit 7.  This unit focuses on geometry.  We will be investigating shapes and their attributes.  In addition to this, we have been working on double digit addition and some students have been working on multiplication too!

Social Studies, we looked at Google Earth last week and located some of the houses of the students in the class with absolute location.  We are learning our addresses and will be doing an activity with that for writing this week.  We have received one Flat Stanley so far!  Keep them coming!  The kids will be sooooo excited!

Have a great week!


Week of March 7

Week of March 7

It looks like we are going to have a warm week!  Yippee…please remember to have your child dress for the weather with all of the crazy temperatures we will be having!  Speaking of weather, I am sending a field trip note tomorrow for us to go to U of M Interpretive Center on Marhc 15.  We will be tree tapping.  I will need all of the kids to dress for this trip appropriately.  This means boots (it is pretty muddy) and an extra set of clothes too!

If anyone is interested in being a guest reader in our class to celebrate reading month, please let me know!

This week in…

Language Arts, we will be focusing on writing retellings of stories.  We will also focus on main ideas and details.  I want to review the magic e in spelling and discuss how the vowel becomes long when the e is at the end of the word when it is between two consonants.  For example- rid and ride.  In writing, we finished our how to make pizza last week and this week, we will be beginning a non fiction style of writing about things we wonder about.  This will turn into a research project soon and will tie into our science unit.

Math, I will be sending home a study guide for unit six tomorrow and then we will have a test on Wednesday.  We have been reviewing making a ten to help us with addition.  The students have been practicing fact fluency daily and are really improving!!!!

Science, we will be discussing the sun as a source of heat.  We will be exploring parts of the solar system to tie into our writing too!

Social Studies, we will be following a map to reveal places in the school- kind of like a scavenger hunt!  We will also be reviewing directionality (left, right, north, south, etc…)  I have heard a lot of ideas for our Flat Stanley’s!  I even heard one of them is going on a cruise—lucky guy!


We are in great need of glue sticks for our class.  Thank you to everyone who replenished their child’s pencil box last week.  A big thanks to Mrs. Murray who supplied us with Dr. Seuss pencils for his birthday!

Have a great week!  Enjoy the sunshine!!!!