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Week of 2/1

Week of 2/1

Well, we are now into the third marking period!  WOW!  (…and we haven’t even had a snow day yet!  Ha ha)

This card marking in…

Language Arts, our focus will be on informational text in reading and writing.

Math, we will focus on addition and subtraction patterns and geometry.

Science, we will study the sun.

Social Studies, places and locations and maps.

I wanted to inform everyone of the new breakfast policy…..

Changes to the Breakfast Program On Monday, February 1, we are making some changes to our school Breakfast Program.  Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria from 8:15 – 8:30 AM.  From 8:35 – 8:45, students will be able to pick up a breakfast in the cafeteria to be consumed in their classrooms as part of our Breakfast in the Classroom program.

The cost for breakfast is $1.25/day or $.30 for reduced lunch students.  If your child receives free lunch, he/she also receives a free breakfast.

I am beginning my writing lessons this week in the building.  I will be visiting K-1 classrooms and teaching some new lessons based on the training I have been given from the district.

Report cards are being printed at the Administration Building.  As soon as they are ready, I will be handing them out.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the report card, please let me know.

This Tuesday, Snow School will be visited by the Superintendent as well as other administrators from the District.  This is the School Improvement visit that happens twice a year within all buildings.

The PBIS celebration will be this Thursday from 2:30-3:00 for the students who have not turned their card more than 4 times in December and January combined.

This week in…

Math, we will be finishing Unit 5.  A study guide will be sent home and the test will be on Friday.

Social Studies, we will be finishing the Unit and creating review vocabulary cards and the test will be early next week.

Language Arts, we will be editing our opinion writing about our favorite winter sport and then publishing them.  The students will also be writing their personal and academic goals for the third card marking.

Physical Education, Mr. Moyer is selling y-ties for $5 a pair!  “Y-tie” if you don’t have to!

We will be meeting as a grade level this week to discuss the Valentine’s Day party.  The party will be on Feb. 11.  I will be sending home a class list this week in case you want your child to get a head start on writing the cards out!

Have a great week!

Week of 1/25

Week of 1/25

Our NWEA testing is over!   I am soooo proud of all the students.  They all took their time and focused even with all of our technical issues.  I am going to have a pancake and juice breakfast for the students when they arrive tomorrow morning (Mon).  to celebrate their testing successes!  We even had over half of the class meet their RIT goal for June!!!!   

I want to share a great opportunity the District has given me for the next 10 weeks.  I have been assigned as one of the writing coaches for the building once a week for the next ten weeks starting the week of Feb. 1. During that time, I will be going into K-2 classes ( including ours) and modeling writing lessons I have learned the past few weeks during the writing academy I have attended.  I plan to have the same substitute each week to provide consistency.  This opportunity will be beneficial to Snow. If you have any questions, please let me know.    Thank you for your support and understanding.  

This week, I will not be changing the leveled books for the students due to daily reading assessments in preparation for report cards.  

On Tuesday, we will have an assembly with the Detroit Lions.  Students are encouraged to wear Lions wear or Snow School wear or blue and white.  

Don’t forget the Habit Hop night is this Wed. from 6-7:30. 

On Friday, the students have a half day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:45.  

It will be a busy week!   We will be finishing many units and wrapping up the semester!   Wow- the year is flying!  Have a great week.  

Movie Night

Movie Night

Movie Night!
This Friday, Jan. 22 is movie night. We’ll be showing Big Hero 6 in the Snow School Gym. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the movie starts at 6:30 p.m. There will be popcorn and baked goods to purchase. Parents must accompany children. No drop-offs. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag, hang out with your friends and watch a free movie!
If you are interested in dropping off baked goods, we’ll have a rack outside the office starting Friday morning. 
Hope to see you there!

Habit Hop!

Habit Hop!

Don’t forget to send back your yellow sheet for the Habit Hop….

Family Habit Hop

January 27, 2016

6:00 -7:30 p.m

When you arrive at Snow School please come to the table in the main lobby. Student Leaders will give you a color coded Passport and direct families into the Gym.  In the gym the 7 Habits Song students have been learning in Music Class will be sung.  Then Families will be called by Passport Color to exit to the first “Hop”.  PLEASE follow the order on your Passport. Every 10 minutes Dr. Groover will ring a bell to signal a rotation to the next “Hop”.  At the close of the evening Student Leaders will collect the Passports and give each family a 7 Habits Magnet as they leave.

NWEA redo!!!!!!!!!

NWEA redo!!!!!!!!!

We had a TON of technology issues today when we attempted to take the NWEA test in the computer lab.  Many screens were freezing and logging students out during the test. I contacted our assessment department and we will attempt to redo the reading NWEA test tomorrow.  Since I will have the Chrome Cart tomorrow, we will attempt to take the math test in the afternoon too.  Then we will be finished with the NWEA testing!  Fingers crossed!!!!

Week of 1/18

Week of 1/18

Brrrrr.  I hope everyone stayed warm on this MLK day!   It’s going to be a quick four day week!   We will be doing the NWEA on Tuesday and Thursday this week!  Please make sure your child has a healthy lunch since we will be testing in the afternoon. 

This week in….

Language Arts, the spelling pattern is -ell.  We will be looking at pictures to focus on gathering non fiction information. We will be using these pictures to focus on using details in our writing.  We will continue to read fairy tales and compare texts. The students may even have time to create their own fairy tale!  Our NWEA reading test will be on Tuesday.  

Math, we will be adding with missing addends and focusing on story problems.  Our NWEA math test will be on Thursday.  

In science, we are continuing to study weather.  We will be creating snowflakes and reading about snow to create a cinquain poem.  This form of poetry focuses on verbs and adjectives.  

Please remember to send your field trip note by Wednesday.  We have to call the museum with the final count by Thursday.  Thank you for understanding.  It is the museum policy so we have to comply!

We have a late start on Wednesday.  School starts at 9:35.  Have a great week!