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Week of Oct. 24

Week of Oct. 24

Boo….It’s Halloween Week!!!!!!! We will have a party on Friday from 2:15-3:15. Parents are welcome to attend. We have a sign up sheet outside our First Grade entry doors if you would like to donate anything. The students are welcome to bring costumes that they will change into before the party. We will not wear costumes for the entire day. Children are welcomed to bring treats to pass to the class. We have 22 students in our class!

On Friday, I sent home the Social Studies test and the spelling test for the week. Please see me if you have any questions.

The decorated raffle pumpkin ticket sales are continuing this week. The tickets are 25 cents each. If you would like your child to purchase tickets, please send in the money in a zip loc and I will purchase the tickets. It is a bit tricky to buy the tickets in the lobby before school with the school doors being locked.

This week in…
Language Arts, we will be working on the vowel sounds, narrative text and the -ar sound. The students I am pleased with the students who are bringing their reading bags back and forth to school daily! I can see the progress they are making because of daily practice.

Math, we will be working on counting change, word problems and addition facts. We received our math journals so we are busy working on those during math stations.

Social Studies, we will be beginning a new unit on Family. We will be discussing family from the past, present and the school family. The students did a wonderful job discussing their interview from a different generation. We will be making family trees this week and writing who is in our family and what makes it unique!

Science, we will be building bridges like engineers. I can’t wait to see whose bridge can actually hold something! Keep your eyes peeled for some pictures on the blog!

It is amazing to believe that this is the end of the month. I will be contacting the students who will receive a pizza party because of their “go green” (focused and fabulous) behavior for the month of October! We are really discussing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and the students are beginning to apply them daily. I love hearing them say things like “be proactive” to each other which means be in charge of your actions/behavior! Here are the habits in case you want to discuss them with your children…

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Week of October 18

Week of October 18

Welcome Fall? Or is it spring? The weather this week looks crazy! Please remember that we do still go outside, so please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. Since the weather is cooling down, the students will not need to bring their water bottles into the classroom. We do have a water fountain that the students have available to them during the day. The students are able to bring their water bottle to gym (the water fountain in the gym is being fixed) and lunch. Thank you for your understanding.

This week we will be focusing on Habit 5 of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids – Seek First to Understand then to be Understood. This habit means to listen to the speaker and then take your turn to speak. This habit is so essential in our class especially during group learning. We will also focus on Habit 6- Synergize- this means to work together. We worked with the Kindergarten class and Ms. Stetz last week to create monster glyphs. The First Graders were very helpful to the Kindergarteners. We will also be working with Ms. Zechar this week to create our boats. The children will be working in groups to create a boat and maybe even a bridge! They will have to synergize to make their creation. Thank you to everyone who sent materials for this project.

This week in…
Language Arts, we will be writing personal narratives and opinion writing (based on the monsters we created with the Kindergarteners). The students did a fantastic job on their realistic fiction writing! I will be trying to publish those this week too. During Daily 5, we will be working on the strategy of comparing texts, creating mental images ( while listening to our new chapter book), and working on beginning and ending sounds (this is a review strategy and should be mastered by each student by this point in the year.

Math, we will be working with clocks and time, penny games and length. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD BRING IN 20 PENNIES TO SCHOOL IN A ZIP LOCK BAG LABELED WITH HIS/HER NAME BY WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK FOR MATH. Here is the family letter for our new unit:

Social Studies, we will be discussing people of the past (Martin Luther King Jr.) and more holidays. We will be taking a test on Friday. The topics covered will be past, present and future and holidays like Independence Day.

Science, we will be reviewing properties scientists look at (sink/float, magnetic/ not magnetic, color, size) and creating our bridges and boats! Look for pictures on the blog this week for these activities!

Have a great week!

Some info….

Some info….

Make A Wish Pumpkin Raffle: The Snow Staff will decorate small pie pumpkins for a very worthy cause! Pumpkins will be displayed in the lobby showcases. They will be on display on October 21 with NO ticket sales. Ticket sales will start on Thursday, October 22 and run through Thursday, October 29. Pumpkins will go home with the winners on Friday, October 30. Tickets will be on sale in the morning before school- in the lobby- or from me in the art room. We have done this the last three years and have generated a nice donation to Make A Wish. Not everyone wins a pumpkin, but every one that buys a ticket helps a charity provide a wonderful experience for a child in need of something special. Many thanks for your participation!

Empty Bowls Dinner: The Dearborn Art Department is hosting their 24th Annual Empty Bowls Dinner at Park Place. This event will take place on Monday, November 23rd, from 4 pm until 6:30 pm. The suggested donation for soup, bread and beverage is $5 per person, this includes a bowl to take home. There will be a raffle that includes many different items and baskets. Snow School will be providing a basket for the raffle. Proceeds from the dinner go to Gleaners Food Bank and Blessings in a Backpack. Support is greatly appreciated!

Pennies for Pasta coming to Snow School in November! We will be collecting coins/change/money for the Leukemia Foundation through a program called Pennies for Pasta. Each classroom will have a box to deposit their donations in. We start collecting Monday November 2 and stop on Tuesday, November 24. The class with the highest donation will win a lunch from Olive Garden (that will be enjoyed at Snow School). Start saving those coins!! Last year our winner was the first grade class of Mrs. Fakhoury-Nowak!! This year? hmmmmmm…………………